A look at some of the most unique buildings in the urban core to make way for local college overbuilding. Brazenly approved by the Council as demolition nears completion. Here's real local journalism in action . . . Checkit:

Going, Going......

Sad. I was shooting a renovated 1800s home out south and then came home just to drive by this.... above, the Colonial Apartments... below, the destruction of the Colonial Apartments courtesy of a shameful deal created by the Neighborhood Association and a bully of an institution of higher learning.


  1. I agree that it is tragic to see some of the marvelous architecture in the Old Northeast destroyed, but where in KC hasn't that happened? Unfortunately, despite the claims of a few preservationists, Kansas City's lack of a Rental Properties Inspection Code has allowed property owners to permit these buildings to deteriorate to the point that the cost of restoration would be greater than new construction. Other cities have policies in place that require inspection of a Rental Property once it becomes vacant, not allowing it to be rented again until it has been cleaned and restored to the required standards. And guess what, there are rentals in those cities! Such a Code has been proposed for KC, but cannot ever be enacted for one simple reason. The largest number of owners of sub-standard rental properties are the African-American Churches! So any attempt to better the housing standards for the residents of rental properties in this City automatically becomes BLATANT RACISIM! So, suck it up, the architectural gems of this City are doomed!

  2. Fuck that! Hurry up and get it torn down before some boon comes up with the idea of spending millions of tax payer dollars every year to make it a historic district.

  3. These building look nice but are an armpit of a place to live. Outdated electrical, lead tainted water pipes, creaky floors and poor layout and horrible energy efficiency.
    If people lived there they would pay more for utilities than rent. Cold and drafty in the winter too.
    They are unsafe and it's because they are old.

  4. If more Mexicans and coloreds moved out it would really lower crime.

  5. @10:03,that's the point! It isn't because they're old, it's because they've been neglected for years and the owners have been allowed to get away with it! Old Northeast if full of century-old houses and apartments that have been maintained and updated, and are wonderful to live in.

    If the City cared at all about its residents who live in rental properties and if it wasn't cowed by slum landlords and politically-connected institutions that own these properties, the place wouldn't have been allowed to become and "armpit" in the first place.

    If the local Media weren't in bed with the City, and if they had retained their role as "Muckrakers" and,"Gadflys", they might be covering this disgrace. But we have no longer have anybody to "afflict the Comfortable and comfort the Afflicted", so the situation won't get any better.

    Oh, and @9:54, calm down, Mommy's Welfare Check will arrive soon, and she'll be able to give you money to stock up on Red Bull and Cheetos.

  6. The City didn't take much time to approve the deal and then start the demo. Meanwhile there are dozens of unsafe houses in the area that have been waiting for the City's action to tear them down. It's all about the money, as always.


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