Friday, August 18, 2017


State criticism of the mechanism my which the toy train advances . . . This time on local TV:

Fox4: Mo. state auditor calls tax districts ‘outrageous,’ urges lawmakers to change laws governing them

Another important statement from Missouri's rising star political lady:

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway calls a special taxing district, increasingly common in the state, "outrageous" and "rigged."

“It’s taxation without representation,” Galloway said.

Galloway’s recent audit takes specific aim at Transportation Development Districts, or TDD’s. It’s a common arrangement whereby a property owner, or developer, in a busy retail or commercial area can add up to 1-percent in extra sales tax.

You decide . . .


Super Dave said...

Looks like the tax payers have a friend going to bat for them.

Anonymous said...


Also, look at WHO those are that get those special TAX Districts approved too !!!

Majority are Democratic Liberals that approve and impose all those TAX Districts to STEAL even more Money from the working class citizens , its all they know is MORE TAX Increases for themselves, self serving Democratic Libeerals !!!

NOTICE tho, you'll NEVER EVER hear any of these Democratic Liberals ever ever talk or advocate about reducing TAXES or implementing any Tax cuts,,, Hell No !!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1 on both of these comments.

Anonymous said...

Will this be the end of the toot toot?

Anonymous said...

I hope she looks at earnings tax.

Anonymous said...

Can you sLIE shitting his fat ass pants right now!!! Freakin awesome!!! #priceless

Anonymous said...

sLIE, see what happens when you eff with a republican governor that has power to take money away from killa city. #screwed

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to get the Auditor to take a look at the damage TIF grants have caused? The ability of an obscure Board to steal money from Schools, Libraries, and other public services and shovel it into the pockets of Out-Of-State Real Estate Developers has to be brought under control! Legislative action would be simple. TIF is intended to provide relief for "blighted" areas, restrict it by law to a definition of "blighted" as already developed land that is no longer productive".

Oh, wait we have a GOP Majority Legislature, and the Auditor, is a Republican, and the Out-Of-State Real Estate Developers are WEALTHRY!


Same old crap said...

Slie probably switched to depends now that the shit is hitting the fan on his dumbass. I thought I seen him in Walmart Thursday buying some.