Thursday, August 17, 2017


Great info in this perspective regarding the new airport . . . As council POSTPONES decision on ballot language this afternoon . . .

Mayor’s KCI Town Hall Meeting

What a joke and an absolute hour of misinformation, not to mention in front of a whopping crowd of 60 people. It is clear that Mayor Sly James has drunk his own “Cool Aid” and believes his own propaganda regarding the KCI Terminal issue. You would think that after 5 years of dealing with this issue he would be more informed! NOT!

He continues to spout the new Single Terminal will create 18,000 NEW JOBS but there is not one creditable document that supports that statement. Yes it will generate an increase in economic revenue but not the $2.5B above what will already be generated by the existing Airport. To renovate and improve the existing 66 gate terminal with 47 jet bridges would also create jobs and generate an increase revenue but does he even recognize this possibility NO!

How our Mayor can promote destroying the “Golden Goose” (KCI), a facility that has generated a stream of revenue for decades not only to KCI but to Kansas City Downtown Airport, KCI’s reliever airport, is absurd! The Mayor, his City Council and the Attorneys hired to manipulate the process to build a $1.3B Single Terminal is criminal. To support building a Single 35 gate Terminal at a cost of $1.3B which will reduce Airline gates by 50%, obligate the Kansas City to a $85M dollar annual payment, that will stifle airline growth, turn the airport over to the Signatory Airlines with a new concept called a Residual Airport Airline Agreement is what is on the ballot in November. Yes the City is about to turn over KCI to the Airlines that will require the Airlines to agree on any future capital improvements on the airport. Now you know why Southwest is now in agreement!

Aircraft operations over the past decade have gone from 1,100 a day to 400 a day. The Air Traffic Control tower has been downgraded from an ATC-10 to an ATC-8. Enplaned passenger levels are below what they were in 1999. Yes 1999!! The Aviation Department has successfully recruited significant new airlines with a surplus of airline gates and airport capacity that trumps many airports in the country. Then I ask the voters - how will a new $1.3B Single Terminal that significantly increases Airline cost ($85m annually), increase ticket cost, and reduce airline gate capacity from existing used gates of today make KCI a better airport?


Anonymous said...

Good numbers here, I wish the Star would report them too!

Anonymous said...

slie James International airport is out of his freakin mind, he obviously got way more than $68,000 dollars from burned and mcdouche. but since he's black no one is allowed to question him without being called a racist. This whole thing is disgusting

Anonymous said...

vote no!

the people will render their common sense verdict on this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

I don't know @9:07, the vast majority of voters are stupid; they really have no critical thinking going on at any given time. "They" aren't the ones reading TKC, who whether they be left or right, are promoting or defending their viewpoint and are actively investing time in learning about the goings on in this City. Burns and McD's are spending GOBS and GOBS of ad time on radio; AM, FM, talk, sports, even music stations (heard a GBrett spot on the Rock). They are clearly trying to get right to the generally uneducated voters who largely outnumber the educated (or at least informed) voters. I cringe every time I hear those spots, George Brett says we need a new terminal!!! Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but we have an extra terminal if we're really that crunched on space. Oh wait, this $1B terminal has USB ports? SIGN ME UP!

Anonymous said...

saw the town hall on tv by the looks of the turn out it looked like just another dog and pony show. what a joke