Talking points and preview of an upcoming effort hoping to push forward a recent winning minimum wage KCMO effort that was mostly symbolic.

Taking Back Labor Day! National Day of Action!
Monday, September 4 at 8 AM - 11 AM
33rd and Southwest Trfy

Low wage workers are taking back Labor Day!

Labor Day didn’t start as a national holiday. It started in 1882 in the streets with workers fighting for higher pay and a union! Today, workers, black, white and brown, native and foreign-born, LGBTQ and straight, continue that tradition to fight together for what we all deserve! Join us for the Labor Day National Day of Action on Mon, Sept 4th at 33rd St. and Southwest Trfwy., KCMO. Rally at 8am. March at 9am.

From day one, our movement has had two demands: $15 and union rights. We need a union because we know when workers come together to use our strength in numbers, we all do better!

It's clear that politicians and corporations are rigging the system against us. Even when 70% of KC voted for a $15 minimum wage, politicians took it away. We need union rights to fight back!

So this Labor Day, a day for all working people, we’ll declare that nothing will divide us! We'll fight together until we all win $15 and union rights!

Be there on Monday, Sept. 4 at 8am for the Labor Day Rally. March at 9am.

You decide . . .


  1. Facebook is down. Worldwide panic.


  2. meanwhile, Mcdonald's is serving breakfast all day.

  3. Protest all they want for $15 an hour it's a joke. How about they ask for twelve and they all have to sign a contract like in the union where they actually now have to work to make that $12 an hour. No more playing on cell phones, no more late more than half of the week. Oh, and last but least, just do what the hell you're told and pay attention to what the customer wants.

  4. Why aren't these people in school learning a trade that will make them a living? Oh! Because lazy and free is better....

  5. Don't mess up my order and I will think about it.

  6. Franchised fast food joints are generally filthy anymore. They are staffed by the dregs of humanity who don't give a damn. If a higher wage would get better employees it might be worth it. But then, a hamburger would be $10.00 and nobody is going to pay that for a crappy burger. $15.00 wage will put these places out of business... and that might not be a bad thing.

  7. Byron Funkhouser8/26/17, 12:32 PM

    "...dregs of humanity..."

    What are you, asshole?

  8. ^^^^^^^^^I willing to bet a more decent person than you are Funkshit.

  9. ^^^ Funkhouser is the Emperor of the Dregs. Don't be messing with his loyal subjects!


  10. Butthurt sore loser Democrat greedy union slob snowflakes melting down.

  11. Not divulging GPS data, but a couple of the only franchised places my fam goes to are bordering far suburban locales (on the way to fishing trips). Those grown farm kids who now own (one in KS, and the other in MO) what their parents started up, do it right. Breakfast is what we always buy, and the eats, cleanliness, service, and prices are consistently great.

  12. My best friend in High School was unlucky enough to have a father interested, obsessed even, with organizing the check out folks at Berbiglia. This was circa 1970. Unions at the time, were very, very powerful and cut a wide swath through local and national politics, far more even, than today.

    But here's the thing, my friend's father found out, that it took zero skill to ring up a six pack of Bud and when they went on strike, they were replaced in one day. Today, the same thing is true of these fast food workers who ring up and sell burgers and fries.

    There might be one reason for the unrealistic expectations of these city dwellers.

    They went to public school and were taught by teachers who, for the most part, couldn't pass muster at the very fast food places where these graduates now work. The Teacher's Union, surely the radix malorum of Progressive counterproductive Socialist stupidity has, as I type, employees attempting to educate students, who are, unable to accomplish long division, read at a 4th grade level and, are firmly ensconced with tenure, union support and protection in 'gainful' employment.

    After matriculating from these public institutions, is it any wonder, that the graduates, whose only discernible skill, is the ability to fog a mirror shouldn't expect, that they too, can acquire sinecure and security in the work force?

  13. You forgot to mention the liberal media chuck, are you ill?

    I mean other than all the other mental illnesses that possess you.

  14. I thought Labor Day was for real workers

  15. I guess with all the Sears and Kmarts closing these dregs don't have many places left to shoplift to boost their income.

  16. WTF, 5:29, are you wayz tarred and can't tap out your usual repetitive, numerous lines of nonsense? Oh, that's right, Sister Mary SlapYa's interventions through the Big Guy could be calming that wacky writing OCD ya got. Maybe she'll get your knobby knees hurts healed.

  17. A ‘liberal paradise’ would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive health care, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities and only law enforcement personnel have guns. And, believe it or not, such a liberal utopia does indeed exist. ... It’s called prison.

    1. Build more and they will come

  18. That's funny right there!!!

  19. Most of the protesters will either be late or won't show up at all.

  20. 6:26, You win the ass kick of the loony lib losers!

  21. March to start at 9:00 am Monday morning?????????????
    Good luck getting them to show up on time.


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