Saturday, August 05, 2017


KCK Mayoral contender David Alvey (left) make this way through a competitive primary where the incumbent (right) only received about 40% of the vote, so supporters very confident about their chances to defeat Mayor Holland in November.

The latest statement on the contest . . .

David Alvey Expands Campaign Team for KCK Mayor's Race

KCK mayoral candidate and BPU Board Member David Alvey announced that he will be expanding his campaign team after advancing to the general election this November.

"I'm very confident about the team we've assembled and I'm encouraged by the support that we've received thus far," said David Alvey. "I could not be more thankful to the team members who ahve been with us from the beginning, but I'm also looking forward to adding new ideas and forward-thinking to our camping."

Juliana Alvey will be serving as Campaign Chair. The campaign has also hired TJP Strategies, an award-winning consulting firm founded by Partrick D. Shami, to oversee the campaign's strategy and voter outreach.

David Alvey currently serves as an at-large member of the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, and as a member of the Turner Community Connection, and the Assistant Principal for Faculty Formation at Rockhurst High School, where he leads the professional development of Rockhurst faculty. Alvey has been a lifelong resident of Wyandotte County."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I don't think either one is a good candidate. I thought we had a law about not mixing religion and politics. Holland should have never been able to run the first time.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that David Alvey is a man of the highest character. I should know, I spent many weeks in detention (JUG) in his office.

Anonymous said...

The self-proclaimed “I own city hall” guy is running these un-dynamic duo because a growing number of Dottes loath Holland. “I own city hall” guy told the Dragoon Lady she had no chance of a second term because people loathed her. Throwing ashtrays at her staffs’ heads wasn’t in his best interest of building the west 435 Ponzi schemes to its full potential.

Wyandotte County is corrupt. The fix is in. People are easily bought off with less than 30 pieces of silver. Corrupt Dottes and their families are above the law. Everyone knows this and play along to get along. You and your family will be crushed if you attempt to expose them.

In the old Dotte, no choice is the only choice. “I own city hall” guy enjoys screwing with us and his pawns. So it’s crazy ass preacher guy or the milk-toast utility guy. With so many pending Ponzi's to be pushed down the citizens throats and most importantly, old Dotte cronies to continue sucking off the public treasury payroll another four years, nothing will change. Same people, same agenda. A few people profit and the rest of the chumps pay.

It’s by design. “I own city hall” guy always wins.

Anonymous said...

Holland has turned our neighborhood into a third world hellhole. An expensive hellhole. He laughs and jokes about taxes because its not a problem for him or his church people.

He's a Progressive. He loves backroom dealings with modern day Lex Luther's types and going to DC to pretend his a big city leader. The preachy speeches mixed with Carl Marx propaganda are tiresome.