Thursday, August 24, 2017


The mood of Burns & Mac Execs, Mayor Sly and City Manager's office has been exceptionally sullen this week and Burns & Mac bungled a bid on what is the biggest municipal project Kansas City has undertaken in the modern era.

To wit . . .


Behind the scenes, their B&M cost comparison financial deets were so sloppy that they're basically being thrown out . . . Which makes their bid pretty much incomplete and a lot more amateur than what their competitors have put together.

The rigged bid attempt that started this nightmare was really as far as they throught this thing through and they were easily outmaneuvered by a Council coalition that didn't take the Mayor's marching orders.

And so, this brings us to the sordid subject of a vote . . .

At this point it's clear Burns & Mac and George Brett haven't created any political momentum . . .

So this thing can go a variety of ways . . .

Calling off the vote is the only real option to give Burns & Mac another legitimate chance.

The vague ballot language preview gives City Hall insiders more time to help B&M get back on its feet in a far more suspect manner.

And once again, the bidding on the airport has crashed and burned and might have drawn KC into another crisis that erodes the public's trust in local Democracy.

Either way . . . This town's civic elite still hope to hand this thing over to the "hometown team" despite the threat of a crooked process that could scare voters away from the monstrosity that would be built out of all this corruption.

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Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

What a nightmare.

Thanks Sly!

Anonymous said...

If you ever met city councilpersons you would understand how this can be so screwed up. They would be out of their league contracting for a tree house.

Anonymous said...

Yup' , I'd like to know WHY I wasn't allowed to Bid on this Airport Project as well ????????

I should of been allowed to Bid on it toooooooooo ~ !!!!

I've got the Construction Equipment to do the Job, according to KCMO City Hall regulations !

I've got 5 TONKA Dump Trucks from 1960

7 Hot Wheels Trucks

10 Mattell Dump Trucks,,,,

2 TONKA Bull Dozers from 1968

3 Matchbox flat bed trucks

1 AMT / REVELL Glue together Dump trucks

2 TONKA Hi-Rise building cranes

1 Mattell Asphalt Roller

and, and about 40 plastic Construction workers that do NOTHING but, Stand around and lean on their Shovels all day & nite !!!!!

NOW, WHY can't I bid on this Airport Project ???????????

Anonymous said...

^^^Because you're a fucking retard. that's why.

Anonymous said...


That's even more reason I should of been able to BID on De' Airport thingy !!

its called a "Disability" ,,,,,,,,,,

Not to be confused with "Diversity" :) !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

7:33 +1.

Anonymous said...


can see that this might be true.

the original rigging was so maladroit and naive that playing a slightly more complex second-level game might have been beyond the capabilities of the players involved.

this may be farce becoming tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Don't care. Vote no!

Send the whole project back to the drawing boards for a $100 million remodel.

Anonymous said...

I'm so board of this discusszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

8:10 Retard is an term that should not be used since it denigrates those with mental deficiencies and our local elected officials.

Anonymous said...

@8:51, you and the other pro-'port proponents are really hoping to wear the public down through atrophy aren't you? Fortunately there is a fairly vocal opposition to the original question in the first place which you were able to successfully move from not IF, but WHOM should build a new airport. Hopefully there is a modicum of free thought left in the KCMO voters who've been hit for Go Bonds, street car, typically high utility rates, and on and on. If only people who have to pay the 1$ earnings tax also had a vote (ya know, no taxation without representation); none of this would have even gotten off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Crazy crown.., more like corny clown.

Anonymous said...

The reason Kansas City has been in a long, slow state of collapse for decade after decade is the perennially high level of corruption in its city and county governments.

What has changed since Pendergast reigned? Only this: Pendergast was a smart, shrewd and highly competent gangster ... which is to say, a pretty good politician. His successor gangsters, both Democrats and Republicans, have gotten more and more incompetent ... and more and more focused on taking care only of themselves and their pals ... with each passing decade. White ones, black ones, no matter. The trend has been constant. The pols (and their allied contractors) get wealthier. The residents of Kansas City get fucked over. Again and again. That's why most Kansas Citians who could afford to hire movers now live outside the KCMO city limits.

Most of the people who actually use the region's only major airport do not live or work in KCMO. it is a shame that they are at the mercy of a gang of idiots who are really good at lining their own pockets ... and not much else.

Anonymous said...

@Commenter at 9:25am

Corny Clown ?????

Ya' know I was in the CORN Business once,,,,

and I found it to be, too much "Schuckin' and Jivin'" so I sold the Business years ago and been retired every since !!

Nowdays I just spend about 3 months in KC and the rest of the 9 months in Tahiti or Maui, sometimes Bora Bora where its warm in the winters !!

But Hell, I'm just a Corny Clown,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

What in the hell is going on Channel 2, the city channel not working. Is the business session canceled. The soap opera at city hall and scams behind closed doors going on.