Thursday, August 03, 2017


A morning conversation about transit should be interesting but we thought a FIRST LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES at the chat was appropriate for our blog community  . . .

Check these harsh words from the only dude to win a citywide transit vote in KCMO over the past 20-years . . .

Clay Chastain to address Council's Transportation & Infrastructure Committee

No council member, nor the mayor, nor this committee has taken a position on Ballot Question #2. This is not leadership, it is political cowardice. When the people have placed before voters a $1.2 billion transit proposal to overhaul the City's under performing unattractive and ineffective public transportation system in hopes of transforming it into a quick clean and convenient transit system that will benefit everybody, including the City itself, the council and Mayor James should weigh in on that decision.

Furthermore, none of the above have weighed in either on the plan to extend the streetcar to the Plaza via the restricted election. Where is the City's leadership on this important infrastructure issue?

Elected city leaders should be interested in being totally informed on Ballot Question #2 because if it is approved by voters it will be under the auspices of the City Council to oversee its implementation.

Clay Chastain

The response from the Committee Chair . . .

Thank you for your interest in speaking before Transportation & Infrastructure Committee later this morning at 8:45am. I am receipt of your voice message yesterday (8/2) and welcome your public testimony during the “additional business” portion of our agenda. We will allocate two (2) minutes for your testimony. I look forward to seeing you later this morning. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Yours in Service,

Jermaine Reed

To wit . . .


Developing  . . .


Anonymous said...

Clay should do it naked. that's about the only way he'll get their attention.

Anonymous said...

Clay pay Greg Maday

Jameson said...

Two minutes for soembody who has an issue on the ballot coming up? That doesn't seem fair and is probably a lot less than what they have given others. Jermaine is so stupid he probably thinks his behavior is legal when he is actually putting KC at risk. Stuff like this is why KC keeps losing all of those lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Clay has dominated the conversation in KC for far too long. he promised to go away if he loses this vote, that should be enough reason to vote against him.

You heard it here first said...

Prediction: Clay will win this vote by a huge margin and it will be his crowning achievement. He will single-handedly stretch the streetcar all around Kansas City in epic fashion.

Anonymous said...

7:48, WRONG.

The tool does not even live here. He knows this will waste KC resources that our needed elsewhere; hell, the failing infrastructure and sewer systems from the 30's are leading to flooding and spread of disease.

Remember the pictures last week of the people wading through flood waters around south Wornall?

Many have gotten very ill.

Anonymous said...

this is a much better plan, I'm voting yes for two reasons, one is to piss sLIE off and two is to piss sLIE off!

Anonymous said...

Many have gotten very ill.

No!!! Most of them are ALREADY DEAD!!!

Anonymous said...

A mixture of self-absorbed grandiosity, arrogance, and utter incompetence.
And with hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars at stake.
What could possible go wrong?
What a clown show!

Northlander said...

When Light rail started out [2001 ] it was about $30 million a mile now it's $100 million a mile . KC won't be able to afford streetcars in just a few years along with maintenance cost and the price of water and sewer .
People are already talking about moving due to higher taxes and less parking . Need better planning KC .

Anonymous said...

These folks have no idea ho how to manage a budget nor to they understand the idea of sustainability. Where is the conversation relating to the street car charging $1.00 for a ride. The City Counsel does not have the ability or education to manage the budget dictate long term financial direction.

Anonymous said...

Their ALL Full of SHIT !!!!

Including YOU Reed,,,,,,

as well as SLY JAMES and that Chastain,,,,,,,,,,,

Should of done what I said way back in the mid 1980's and 1990's

Should of built a Goddamn "MONORAIL" system, and Fuck these Silly Ass Lionel Toy Trains bullshit.

MONORAIL , sits above Traffic, doesn't interrupt the flow of Traffic or Parking,,,, at any business or private park.

MONORAILs, do NOT require any Overhead wires anywhere thru out its route what so ever.

Maintenance is cheaper more affordable

MONORAILS are safer won't get in any Traffic accidents since they don't interact with other vehicles along the routes !!!

BUT', You ignorant uneducated inept Ba'foons down there at City Hall with all your supposedly Grand College Educations, think your so damn smart, its pathetic, that you never even considered a MONORAIL,
matter of FACT I highly doubt you even know what one is or looks like or been on one !

NOW', why do you think Disney World and Disney Land have one !!!

As well as the CITY of Las Vegas, Nevada !!!!!!!!!!

I've rode on all 3 MONORAILS without a problem and their quieter, faster, cheaper to ride, sit high above the Traffic flow.

The one in LAS VEGAS that stretches from the South end of the Vegas Strip to almost the North End is the newest best one tho, and the ride was enjoyable as it gave great views of the city.

NOW, tell me what ya' get with the KC TOY TRAIN Street Car ?????

overhead wired that constantly need tensioning, they interact with Traffic flow which creates Accidents, they break down and block traffic , Required actual RAILS in the city streets, requires mass amounts of Utility work re'construction, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They move Slow than most people walk !!!

and riders get a grounds level view of the city , which they can get by riding in a car or just walking !!!

YOUR Lionel TOY TRAIN is an utter JOKE for the pathetic amount of MONEY it cost !!!

Las Vegas WINS and Kansas City Missouri - LOSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!