Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Night Look

Quick look a hottie Lina and her pal along with some of the top Kansas City news links tonight. Checkit:

Kansas City Road Trip Diary

Drawn Home: A KC Artist Sets Out To Find Home While On the Road

Recently, local artist Charlie Mylie ventured out from here in KC's geographic middle to explore our country - its countrysides and city-sides - and understand the parts of it he doesn't normally get to see. He's set out (without a car we might add) also to challenge himself as an artist.

Kansas City Hopes & Dreams

Drawing nears for Powerball jackpot that's climbed to $700M

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The estimated jackpot for Wednesday night's Powerball lottery game has climbed to $700 million, making it the second-largest in U.S. history. Some details about the game and how the prize has grown so large: ___ WHEN IS THE DRAWING AND HOW DOES THE GAME WORK?

Veto Session Goodbye???

Missouri official wants special session to remove state senator who hoped for Trump assassination

JEFFERSON CITY * With embattled state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal showing no signs of resigning, the state's lieutenant governor formally asked on Tuesday for a special legislative session to remove her. In another move, Minority Floor Leader Gina Walsh, D-Bellefontaine Neighbors, stripped Chappelle-Nadal of her committee posts, saying continued service would be a "distraction" to Senate business.

QT Drowns Community

Residents say new QuikTrip sends floodwaters rushing into their homes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Those who live in the area of 103rd and Wornall say they've seen a rise in flooding recently, and they believe one expanded business is to blame. They say they've been couch surfing for three weeks, and now after last night's flooding, they don't see their situation changing any time soon.

Cerner Confronts More Bidding Trouble

Rival Challenges Award Of Veteran Affairs Contract To Cerner Corp.

A provider of electronic health records systems for the U.S. Department of Defense is challenging the contract awarded to Cerner Corp. to develop the next-generation electronic health records system (EHR) for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The VA awarded the contract to Cerner in June without competitive bidding, under a "public interest" exception to federal contracting regulations.

Tragic End Game For Officer Killed

Funeral services set for Lee's Summit Officer killed at a Kansas City restaurant

Funeral services have been set for a Lee's Summit Police Officer shot and killed on the patio of Kansas City restaurant. Services will be Thursday, August 24 at 9 a.m. at the Abundant Live Church on Persels Road in Lee's Summit. Orr will ultimately be laid to rest in his hometown just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Kansas City Comeback Begins???

Royals welcome back Salvador Perez, Greg Holland to Kauffman Stadium

Salvador Perez returns for the Kansas City Royals this week - and the team welcomes back an old friend to The K.

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Anonymous said...

"Rival Challenges Award Of Veteran Affairs Contract To Cerner Corp."

The whole damn world ought to be challenging this scam. Realize that a very small percentage of veterans seeking treatment involve military records that remain even remotely relevant. The Feds at the VA would have you believe that millions of veterans old military medical records will be relevant to their treatment efforts. This is complete horse shit as a huge percentage of the records will have virtually no effect on diagnosis or treatment options for veterans enrolled in VA care. Additionally the numbers of recent veterans using VA health care is only a very small percentage of recently discharged veterans. Although veterans with service connected disabilities, who choose VA care, will see some advantage to this record access program it certainly does not justify the BILLIONS this project is going to end up costing tax payers. Add to the problem that even today an unacceptable number of unauthorized individuals ARE accessing veteran's health records (in violation of Federal law) and you are simply breeding another giant problem for the VA system.

This is another dog & pony show designed to make it look like they are really working on improving veteran health care when in reality they are just burning fucking money like there is no tomorrow. They need to scrap this toxic organization and do a redo and rethinking of veterans health care. The vet organizations need to stop sucking up to the VA (because the VA gives them free perks, sweetheart deals, lobbies them and provides office space to the groups at the VA centers) and needs to start representing the veterans.