Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday News Smile

Hottie Tessa always inspires a fit of activity and this round of Kansas City MSM links . . .

Kansas City Life-Saving Tech

CPR alert! KC Fire adopting tech to notify bystanders of cardiac arrest

Embracing innovation and collaboration, the Kansas City Fire Department is expected to launch technology this month that is designed to notify residents trained in CPR when a person in their vicinity experiences sudden cardiac arrest and is awaiting first responders. Sudden cardiac arrest is responsible for about 350,000 deaths a year, according to the American Heart Association.

Kansas City Bidding Pause

KCI terminal developer decision won't come till next week - if then - Kansas City Business Journal

After development team presentations Monday, the four teams vying to finance, build and privately finance a new single-terminal Kansas City International Airport were given written follow-up questions. A selection committee will reconvene at 3 p.m. Friday to review the questions and continue deliberations, which could be extended by further questions.

Kansas Fight For Congress

Davis Launches Campaign For Kansas' 2nd District Congressional Seat

Paul Davis kicked off his campaign for Kansas' 2nd District seat in Congress by calling Washington broken and criticizing a culture there that quashes bipartisanship. "No matter what party you affiliate with, no matter who you voted for in the 2016 presidential election, Washington is not working for you," said Davis, who served as the top Democrat in the Kansas House and narrowly lost a bid to unseat Gov.

Show-Me 'Skinny' Education

Missouri approves 'skinny plan' to improve worst-performing public schools

JEFFERSON CITY * Missouri will aim to have at least 82 percent of its public school students proficient in English and at least 74 percent of students proficient in math by 2026, as part of its federally-mandated plan to improve the worst-performing public schools.

Midtown Kansas City On Hold

Westport business owners outraged after street debate postponed again

A proposal to privatize part of the Westport entertainment district's streets has been indefinitely postponed, prompting outrage from some business owners who warn that public safety is at risk. The Kansas City Plan Commission was scheduled Tuesday to debate the proposal, but at the last minute the group agreed to hold the measure "off the docket," meaning postpone it indefinitely, at the request of an attorney for the Westport Business League.

Cowtown Cover Art

KC fans, Arrowhead featured on cover of Kenny Chesney's new Live in No Shoes Nation album

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you went to Kenny Chesney's big Arrowhead stadium concert, congratulations! You made the cover of his new album. Tuesday, the country music star tweeted the album cover of Live in No Shoes Nation. You see Kenny Chesney on stage at Arrowhead, sporting a sleeveless Chiefs shirt.

Kansas City Gets Rid Of Crabs

Joe's Crab Shack meets sudden ending in KC - Kansas City Business Journal

The Houston-based Ignite Restaurant Group, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June, has shuttered its last Kansas City restaurant, The Examiner reports. The closing comes on the heels of Houston-based Landry's Inc. winning the bankruptcy court auction for Ignite Restaurant Group.

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Anonymous said...


Jim said...

Eat at Joes! Not!

Anonymous said...

They want nine years to improve the schools up to 82% in English and 74% in math? Are the boons in the Kansas City school district that stupid. It must be impossible to get them up to 100% or is that asking to much. God help us all

JoCoPost said...

OK, go to the STAR story about Westport after hours, scroll down to the 2nd photo. It's by Shane Keyser, c. kcstar.com

And what is appears to show, behind our cops, is a bunch of underage black teens. Loitering in the street. In the middle of the night. They are not IN the bars till 3am, because they are not admitted ever.

Tony, please recap for me--all these Westport shootings--aren't they in the STREET rather than in the BARS? So it stands to reason, there's no reason to close the bars early--the PROBLEM WITH GUNS IN WESTPORT IS IN THE PUBLIC STREETS. Where the law now says one cannot wand for weapons--including guns AND KNIVES, a new popular choice.

The problem in Westport's streets is idle youth. No where to party affordably. The well-rested unemployed. Bored. Resentful. Hair-trigger tempered. Ill-mannered. Unsupervised. Never properly parented. Sassy-mouthed. spoiling for a fight. The mayor can't throw them a pizza party EVERY night. And it will only get worse when we have the Fight Club Free Trolley four blocks to the east, on Main St.--to the Plaza and out south, in 2019. (Barring, of course, federal funds.)

But Jolie Justus is running for mayor. (Sly is term limited.) She wants and expects the black vote. So she opposes privatizing Westport's playground.

A coalition of wiser Council members needs to privatize Pennsylvania Avenue there. Or change the name to West Prospect.

Ironic, since back in the 70's the finest restaurant in town was three doors south of that intersection, serving Bonnie Winston's awesome spinach and peanut salad to the intelligentsia of KC at: The Prospect!

Super Dave said...

I have to agree with Tracy why are all those people being allowed to just hang around in the streets? What there isn't any no loitering laws in Kansas City? If you're not spending any money then move your broke ass on over towards home.

Silverback Sly said...

Did i just read Tracy calling a spade a spade?

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you are the most beautiful woman ever.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want crabs, don't be showin your credit card and your dick to those Kansas City street-corner cocksuckers.