Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Morning Link Pool

Let's start the morning with Jordan hotness even in the midst of soggy conditions as we check just a few of the local news stories that are worth a peek right now . . .

Officer Killed In Westport Double Take

Friends remember Lee's Summit officer shot in Westport as a vibrant man who loved to enjoy life

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An off-duty Lee's Summit police officer is the latest victim of the increasing violence in Westport. Thirty-year-old Thomas Orr, Jr, was off-duty, attending a young professional's party at Californos restaurant in Westport when he was shot and killed.

Heartland Secret Pill Popping
Opioid overdose deaths under-reported in Missouri and Kansas, study says
Soggy Traffic Trouble Last Night

Charter bus, KCFD ambulance collide - minor injuries reported

The Kansas City Police Department is investigating what led up to a crash involving an ambulance and a charter bus late Monday night. That incident happened around 11 p.m. near 13th and Central. Fire Chief Paul Berardi confirms two paramedics from that ambulance were taken to an area hospital with minor injuries.

Rock Chalk Walking Papers

Kansas dismisses LB Maciah Long for violating team rules

Kansas football has dismissed linebacker Maciah Long for violating team rules, according to the Kansas City Star's Jesse Newell. KU football announces LB Maciah Long has been dismissed from team for violation of team rules. Was 3-star prospect in 2016.

The Kansas City Comeback Cont'd

This is the dumbest Wild Card race ever, and the Royals still have a shot

The American League Wild Card race is decidedly blah. Eight teams are within five games of the final post-season spot, none of which is more than four games over .500. The Wild Card race is a marathon of the mediocre, a contest of the cromulent, a battle of the beige, a matchup of the "meh."

Miley Cyrus - Younger Now is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


The Truth of the Matter said...

Another black man killed by another black man is no longer news, it's a daily event.

Anonymous said...

^^As are the pants-shitting geezers who always comment about it the next day. Sad! Bad and Sad!

Anonymous said...

Older and wiser vs younger and dumber

Anonymous said...

we didn't get old being a dumbass like you! You'll be lucky to make it this long dweeb!

Anonymous said...

^^^Diaper's full pops. You need a changing. You stink.

Anonymous said...

older and wiser?" You pukes are posting on TKC! You're dumbshits..all of you. That's hilarious! It's time for your naps geezeers. You're getting cranky.

Anonymous said...

Avoiding places where the nogs are congregating is a lesson the millennials will learn painfully and slowly, just like paying off their student loans.

Anonymous said...

"You pukes are posting on TKC! You're dumbshits..all of you." and somehow this comment doesn't include you? That's rich!

Anonymous said...

Geezer Hater got back from watching all the little boys going to school, so now he's on TKC, throwing out the same old tired cliches. Yawn

Anonymous said...

You're obsessed with old people and poop. Find a therapist.

The Truth of the Matter said...

Lt. Gov. Mike Parson states that Chappelle-Nadal may be facing explosion if she does not resign. Parson, the current president of the Missouri Senate and a former state senator himself, was but one voice in a chorus of folks on the left and the right calling for Chappelle-Nadal to quit.

“Her attempts to deflect criticism and avoid the blame are unacceptable,” Parson said while reading from a statement. “She may have been angry when she wrote those words, but anger is not a valid excuse. The comments she made are indefensible.”

Parson referred to a section of the Missouri Constitution pertaining to punishment for lawmakers guilty of “contempt and disorderly conduct,” then gave Chappelle-Nadal an ultimatum: Resign by the date of the upcoming veto session (Sept. 13) or face expulsion from the Senate.

“It is my hope that she will heed to the calls to resign, rather than force her fellow lawmakers to make the decision for her,” Parson said.