Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Kansas City Thursday Night Look

Lacey Banghard recently retired from modeling but on the #TBT we celebrate her online legacy of hotness and take a peek at some of the top local links today.


Will Kansas City Keep Sidewalk Promise???

City to approve sidewalk improvement plan, change expected in 2-5 years

KANSAS CITY - The ball is rolling to begin much-needed sidewalk repairs in Kansas City. "We've been here about 25 years and the sidewalk has been in this condition ever since we've lived here," Theresa Textor said. She showed 41 Action News the cracked, extremely uneven sidewalk in front of her home in Brookside, calling it "a really dangerous situation."

Local Big Biz Stays Winning

These KC businesses make Forbes ranking of largest private companies - Kansas City Business Journal

Five Kansas City-area companies made Forbes' 2017 ranking of America's Largest Private Companies, sorted by revenue. The highest-ranked area company was Overland Park-based Lansing Trade Group LLC, which came in at No. 75 with $5 billion in revenue. Here are the companies that followed: Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards Inc. at No.

Celebrate Kansas City Rehab

New drug treatment center opens in KC

A new center in Kansas City is hoping to help people suffering from drug addictions.

Dead-Tree Human Rights Toilet Humor

A pile of poop sums up the chaos at the Jackson County jail

Talking about poop is an indelicate way to begin a column. But let's do it anyway because there's no more powerful way to get your attention about the ongoing crisis at the Jackson County jail than that ugly, smelly, disgusting pile of human feces.

JoCo Sewers Stay Losing, Too

Rain and aging infrastructure behind recently-formed sinkholes in Roeland Park

Some homeowners in Roeland Park are worried about two sinkholes that have formed around storm sewer pipes in recent weeks. The holes near 57th Street and Roeland Drive are small but still large enough to create a falling hazard for adults.

Kansas City Works It Out

Setting world record, more than 200 celebrate KC Coworking Day

That was the question I asked myself amongst a crowd of about 200 local entrepreneurs, artists, government officials, nonprofit workers and community members who gathered Wednesday at the spacious Plexpod: Westport Commons to set the world record for the most people coworking in one place at the same time.

KCPD Temp Top Cop Signs-Off

Farewell from Interim Chief David Zimmerman

Chief David Zimmerman has served as Interim Chief of Police of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department (and author of this blog) during the last three months during the search and hiring process for a new chief. Major Richard C. Smith will be sworn in as the new Chief at 9:30 a.m.

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Anonymous said...

It's business as usual at KCPD.
Crime and Killa City stays winning.

Anonymous said...

Good thing it's only a falling hazard for adults, i was afraid the children might fall in as well but since it's only an adult problem I'll stop worrying!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard? There's no crisis at the jail. Nothing to see here, move along

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Bang Harder

Lacey says, "You have to come through me to get to the exit!!!"

Anonymous said...

Regarding sidewalks - we Northlanders in the old 1950's suburbs get a really big laugh out of the "Grand Plan" for fixing dangerous sidewalks. The joke is on us because we don't have sidewalks and we never have had any up here. Don't have curbs either, so the rain floods the streets and flows right into our yards. The City collects taxes from us, and we get zero services. Thanks for nuthin'.

Anonymous said...

tarwater what an ass hole