Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Kansas City Thursday Link Pool

Classic Candice inspires this afternoon look at all of the wortwhile local MSM links. Checkit:

Kansas City Airfield Legacy

Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport (MKC) Turns 90 - Kansas City infoZine

August 17 Marks the 90th Anniversary of the Dedication of What Is Today Known As the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport. Because of Its Location at the Confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers, the Airport Was Originally Called peninsula Field.

More Bidding Debate

KCI Hometown Team accused of misleading with 'apples to strawberries' cost comparisons - Kansas City Business Journal

The Burns & McDonnell-led Hometown Team held a news conference Wednesday to challenge as "simply not true" an AECOM team's claim that its single-terminal airport proposal would cost less. But AECOM team representatives accused their rival of "purposely misleading people."

Show-Me Confederate Travel Guide

Missouri man had a 'fantastic time' marching in Charlottesville white supremacist rally

A Missouri man has been identified as a white supremacist after he was identified in a video of last weekend's Charlottesville, Va., rally. Clark Canepa, 21, is shown holding a tiki torch and chanting alongside white nationalists, "You will not replace us!" Canepa appears a few seconds into a Vice News short documentary.

Fair Play To KCMO Monument Detractors

Man says Confederate monument along Ward Parkway discounts slavery's harm

KANSAS CITY -- A request to remove a monument on Ward Parkway that honors the "Loyal Women of the Old South" is prompting people to stop and consider whether it's offensive. The memorial at 55th and Ward Parkway has stood in Kansas City for 83 years.

Fake News From Park Hill

Lockdown lifted in Park Hill district after drill team prop causes concern

A mistaken report of someone with a gun prompted multiple schools in the Park Hill School District to be placed on lockdown.

One More Local Bus Delay

Transit service in KC to briefly brake for total solar eclipse

RideKC's transit services will halt briefly Monday while bus and taxi drivers pull over during the total solar eclipse. With the the solar eclipse to leave parts of Kansas City in total darkness, RideKC announced it would suspend service to ensure the safety of RideKC bus and RideKC Freedom passengers.

Gut Busting Cowtown Party District Fare

New ice house concept at Power & Light District will feature Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que (on Sundays too)

A unique dining and drinking concept, entirely new to Kansas City, is coming to the Kansas City Power & Light District next spring. County Line Ice House will feature the smoked meats Joe's Kansas City has made famous, as well as burgers, tacos, and ice cold beer, served in a casual indoor and outdoor environment from the Back Napkin Restaurant Group.

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Anonymous said...

If you want the statues removed then you must pay for a new one using your own money of course and at the same cost as the old one, in today's dollars that is

Anonymous said...

And the sob doesn't even live in killa city, keep your ass over in prairie village and mind your own part of town dickhead

Anonymous said...

Peter Gogol, he changed his last name from goebbells! You know, because he was embarrassed by being related to that famous German dude!

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should leave these decisions to the people who live here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, read this.....

In a fascinating essay reviewing this controversy, R. Halliburton shows that free black people have owned slaves "in each of the thirteen original states and later in every state that countenanced slavery," at least since Anthony Johnson and his wife Mary went to court in Virginia in 1654 to obtain the services of their indentured servant, a black man, John Castor, for life.

And for a time, free black people could even "own" the services of white indentured servants in Virginia as well. Free blacks owned slaves in Boston by 1724 and in Connecticut by 1783; by 1790, 48 black people in Maryland owned 143 slaves. One particularly notorious black Maryland farmer named Nat Butler "regularly purchased and sold Negroes for the Southern trade," Halliburton wrote.

So blacks had white slaves as well......

Anonymous said...

they should remove the m l k statue in washington seems he started quite abit of trouable in his time

Anonymous said...

Dayam, Candice has the perfect body!!!

Anonymous said...

OK - show of many people out there knew what the monument said? How many people are bothered by the statues of naked people (OMG) sprinkled around town?

Anonymous said...

I hope it replaces the lice house the boons created down there.

Anonymous said...

From this day forward the only statues allowed will be of black people or in the case of killa city mayor bully bullhorn! Lmao!!!

Anonymous said...

"You will not replace us!"

I think the actual chant was a tad different.

Anonymous said...

5:38: You seem to have an excellent grasp of history, so you must know that indentured servants were not the same as slaves.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected sir!

Anonymous said...

@ 8:11 PM, you are absolutely correct regarding the difference between slavery and indenture.

However, I'm sure that, through your own excellent grasp of US History, you are familiar with the fact that, at the time of the start of the Civil War the owner of the largest number of Slaves in the United States was Antoine Dubuclet, a New Orleans Freedman!

M. Dubuclet seldom owned fewer than 100 slaves, at the time of the 1860 Census he owned 384, and he specialized in buying runaway or "recalcitrant" males, "breaking" them (you don't want to know how) and re-selling them to the Rice Plantations, where the average life expectancy was about four months! M. Dubuclet owned one of the largest Sugar Plantations in Louisiana, and was renowned as a "stern Taskmaster". He also maintained a rotating "harem" of twenty or so attractive young female slaves, reportedly preferring "Quadroons" or "Octaroons" as his personal servants.

He was a highly respected member of New Orleans Society, and donated generously toward the arming and equipping of Volunteer Regiments. He himself held an Honorary "Colonelcy" in the Louisiana State Militia until his death in early 1864.

I'm also sure that you are aware that, in the years immediately prior to the start of The War, the slaves stolen in Missouri by raiding "Jayhawkers" could not be sold at will in Kansas (unlike horses, cattle, chickens, underwear and other purloined items) but could only be disposed of at the Market designated by the Legislature in Atchison, Kansas! At one time (in 1859) that was the third largest Slave Market in the US! And it, too was operated by a Freedman.

But of course you already knew that.