Saturday, August 05, 2017

The Kansas City Saturday News Shower

Jordan weekend cool down celebration and a quick collection of some of the top mainstream links for today.


Kansas City Rising Tide

Severe weather hitting parts of Kansas and Missouri

A flood watch has been issued by The National Weather Service until Sunday morning at 7am. The NWS issued the following statement The forecast remains on track with a potentially significant flash flooding event through Sunday morning. Initial thunderstorm activity has formed across eastern Kansas as of Saturday morning and will continue to expand eastward into Missouri by the mid-morning hours.

Dead-Tree Dictates Terms To New Chief

Rick Smith, Kansas City's new police chief, must work with the community

When Chief Rick Smith takes command of the Kansas City Police Department in the next two weeks, his greatest challenge will certainly be gaining the trust and confidence of the communities he will serve and protect. In this era of mounting political strife, we will have high expectations.

Road Tragedy Today

Wrong-way driver killed in crash on 50 Highway

A wrong-way driver has been killed on 50 Highway east of Lee's Summit this afternoon.

More Kobach Antipathy


It's a warm afternoon in the small Kansas town of Newton (population 19,105) and the local Republican Party is holding an ice cream social in a neighborhood park. The crowd tends towards the older end of the age range and is almost entirely white.

Show-Me Politico Gifts

Missouri's lieutenant governor is lone statewide official who takes lobbyists gifts

JEFFERSON CITY * When it comes to accepting gifts from lobbyists, Missouri's lieutenant governor stands alone. Unlike other statewide elected officials, Lt. Gov. Mike Parson accepts freebies from the platoon of lobbyists that patrol the Capitol corridors, records show.

QB Crisis In The Making

Patrick Mahomes II does well under adverse weather conditions

1:37 PM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Cool, windy and rainy conditions at Kansas City Chiefs training camp on Saturday didn't seem to affect rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.

Home Team Delayed

Royals cancel Faith & Family night events Saturday because of rain

The Kansas City Royals announced that the Faith & Family Night post-game event and concert have been cancelled because of the weather forecast Saturday night. "Our first priority is the safety of our fans, the artists and our staff. The event will not be rescheduled this season," the club said in a news release.

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Anonymous said...

Gwen is an idiot. Murders and crime out of control the last three years and she thinks forte was the best thing that ever happened. Gawd she is one dumb.......

Anonymous said...

Headline: Racist Gwen Grant does not have much hope in white police chief. Grant praises Forte because he was black even though he raped and pillaged the police department.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Post Bukake

Jordan backs into a pulsating head!!!

Anonymous said...

And forte went awol most of the time and nobody could find him and he wouldn't answer his phones for weeks on end and yet the blacks trusted him? How is that even possible unless he garaunteed his people that they could do whatever they wanted with no fear of punishment. Did forte come out and get the trust of white people? I didn't see him bending over backwards for whitey,

Anonymous said...

I guess it is ok that over 100 black people (mostly young people) die, as long as we have a black police chief? Many black neighborhood leaders supported Smith. Of course, Gwen doesn't know that because she doesn't associate with neighborhood leaders. They are beneath her. She hangs out in board rooms with rich white men. Why didn't Forte give her the diverse police department she desires? She is totally out of touch with the community she supposedly represents.

Anonymous said...

Jordan has some big ol titties

Anonymous said...

Damn right it's ok if over a hundred young negro criminals get killed, even though more would be better.

Anonymous said...

Gwendolyn Grant is a lying fucking bitch

Retro ROCKER said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Gwinn's brother.

Anonymous said...

If Ms. Grant likes to play numbers, I'll play too. There are twelve Council Seats in KC, plus the Mayor. 30% of 13 is 3.9, rounded to 4, therefore I'm sure Ms. Grant would agree that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN MORE THAN FOUR OF THE OFFICES OF MAYOR AND COUNCILPERSON (COMBINED) BE OCCUPIED BY PERSONS OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN DESCENT! Quotas is quotas, right?

Anonymous said...

"Shake-down Gwen" is just trying to get herself on the board to try to be sure that the new chief views her as the "power player" that she makes believe she is. That's easy to tell with "we are here to help" last line of her column in the Star.
Of course, Grant pays herself well into six figures and it's not hard to tell who she makes believes she "represents" by finding out where most of that money comes from.
Hint: It's not from the east side.
And you'd find it's actually difficult to find many folks who actually live on the east side who even know what the Urban League is supposed to do or who have had any contact with the "organization" at all.
As long as this kind of scam is what passes for "leadership" and officials, corporations, foundations, and others continue to fund it, nothing will change for the regular folks who are just trying to earn a living and raise their families in a safe supportive neighborhood.
How's the next $20 million in taxpayer money for 18th and Vine coming along?
Personally profiting from the despair of others.