Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Kansas City Saturday Early Look

We dedicate the early part of the day to Danica hotness as we start the morning with these Kansas City MSM links. Checkit:

Celebrate Kansas City Bus Stop Tech

Smarts kiosks planned for Kansas City bus stops | Blog | Ride KC

They're one of the hottest advancements in transit and they'll start cropping up along RideKC routes in a matter of months. The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority Board of Commissioners has approved the installation of 66 Smart City kiosks, similar to what you see along the downtown streetcar line.

More Rigged Airport News

KCI selection committee meets to continue comparing project proposals

A selection committee that is reviewing new terminal proposals for Kansas City International Airport met Friday but made no decision, and the timing of a recommendation remains uncertain. "The reality is, we've still got a lot more work to get done," said City Councilman Jermaine Reed, one member of the selection committee.

Midtown Kansas City Cleanup

Large tree blocks northbound lanes of Southwest Trafficway near 35th Street

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A large tree fell into the northbound lanes of Southwest Trafficway in Kansas City Friday afternoon. The tree blocked the northbound lanes and a portion of one southbound lane near 35th Street. Police diverted northbound traffic onto side streets. It's unclear what caused the tree to fall.

Local Troops Still Shipping Out

Ceremony held for 30 members of Army National Guard going to Afghanistan

A ceremony for 30 men who will be shipping off to Afghanistan for Operation Freedom's Sentinel was held on Friday. They are members of Bravo Battery, 2nd battalion of the 130th Field Artillery, so their role will be to provide rocket and missile fire.

Reality TV Competition

Kansas City Finals start time and live stream

American Ninja Warrior is racing along towards the start of the National Finals. Only two more cities remain before we know every Ninja who will take their shot at Mount Midoriyama. Up next is Kansas City. These City Finals promise to be thrilling.

Kansas City Lights And Pollution

As Far As the Eye Can See (Hint: It's Not Far)

As it happens, the stars have aligned between curiousKC and the historic astronomical event coming Aug. 21. Just as our region was preparing for the full lunar eclipse, Kansas Citian Clark Johnson wondered if there is any local regulation of light pollution. Johnson asked curiousKC: "Is there an ordinance for reducing light pollution?"

This Series Is The Season

Kansas City Royals: Division is on the line in series against Cleveland

The 2017 season hasn't gone according to plan so far for the Kansas City Royals, but even despite their recent struggles, the boys in blue are still in the running for the American League Central division title. Right now, the Royals are five and a half games out of first place, which isn't insurmountable by any means.

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Anonymous said...

because of the way it started out, the public is going to be skeptical of any airport selection.

Anonymous said...

"It's unclear what caused the tree to fall." Gravity maybe?

Anonymous said...


Danica lay exhausted after extricating herself from a sticky situation!!!

Anonymous said...


Urban trees were watered when they were planted, but that watering was sprayed on the surface of the ground. The tree's roots spread wide and shallow to take advantage of this readily available water, rather than sending their roots deep into the soil in a more natural manner. This is evident every time one of these trees falls, snapping the few deep roots is has and tipping up a large "disc" of shallow roots.

Additionally, the natural life span of the varieties of trees planted in cities is 40-60 years, Sure, one can find examples of trees that have survived much longer than this, but for every one hat does there were hundreds, if not thousands that did not.

Our vistas of tree-lined streets may be aesthetically pleasing to us, but they are Death Camps for the trees!