The Kansas City Library Conversation

A gathering of library dudes advocates for literacy in the age of mobile phone information . . . Here's hoping that a hangout for youngsters, seniors and hobos helps to save Kansas City.

Description . . .

"Nick Haines goes on location to the KC Library’s Plaza Branch to lift up the hood on our libraries. The metro's four top library directors dissect the role, challenges and future of our libraries — from the possibility of bookless branches to drone delivery. Our panel of experts includes: Crosby Kemper III, KC; Steve Potter, Mid-Continent; Carol Levers, KCK & Sean Casserly, JOCO."

Take a look:

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  1. A Library full of hood coloring books.

  2. TOP PHOTO -- Cubicle Concubine

    Jordan reveals her stacks!!!

  3. Right now the libraries are places for the homeless to hang out. And for children to run around, and for older people to take naps, and for people to check out DVD's like it's a Blockbuster. Also heard that some libraries are providing snacks for kids, clothing, school supplies. What's next potty training and counseling?

  4. @8:42, to answer your question, YES, if that's what it takes!
    The purpose of a Library is to serve, and while it's not the only Institution with that purpose, if others, Schools, Social Organizations, Government, and so on, fail in their mission to provide these services and therefore the Library tries to fill these needs, what's the harm?

    If your comment is intended as a complaint, then direct your complaining at the institutions that you feel should be performing these functions, and not at the one that is trying to make up for the lack of the services you mention.

    Have you gone before your City Government to register your dissatisfaction with the role they play in giving away Library and School Funding to Real Estate Developers?

    Is checking out a DVD that different from doing the same with a Book of Fiction? Does a Homeless person frighten you? Have you ever spoken to one? Do children scare you? How about older people napping? Terrifying, isn't it? What a shame that it's not 1950, when the World was perfect(maybe for you, Pal)!


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