Saturday, August 05, 2017

The Kansas City Early Saturday Look

Hottie Lucy inspires our Saturday morning as we offer more than a handful of Kansas City mainstream media news. Take a peek:

Kansas City Council Supports The Troops " Big hearts help construct sewers to serve tiny homes; Donations of cash, labor and materials boosts program for veterans
Inconvenient Suburban Summer

MoDOT to close I-49 in Grandview all weekend

A major metro interstate is being shut down starting Friday evening. The Missouri Department of Transportation is closing Interstate 49, both northbound and southbound lanes, beginning at 9:00 p.m. Workers are taking down the Main Street bridge in Grandview. The work will involve heavy equipment which will require traffic to be diverted.

Rock Chalk Creeper Profile

Psychological profile released on serial rapist in Kansas college towns

For the last 17 years, a man has been attacking women at both the University of Kansas and Kansas State University. After years of investigation, police have a better idea of his patterns and his method of attack, thanks to profiling. It is a bleak picture painted in words about a man police are still looking for.

Kansas City Roots

The Way to Santa Fe | KC HISTORY

On August 10, 1825, the U.S. government acquired a right-of-way for the Santa Fe Trail from representatives of the Great and Little Osage Nations. The treaty, and others like it, greatly reduced the danger of hostilities with Native Americans along the trade route between northwestern Missouri and the city of Santa Fe, then a part of Mexico (the U.S.

Fight For Fanboy Rights

Controversy in Gardner over fan's Royals sign

A homeowner in Gardner wants to keep his Royals sign up on his house, but the city is telling him it needs to come down immediately. After being hung on the back porch for several years, the city has now given the homeowner a Notice to Abate a Nuisance.

Hipster Plans Ruined

The Pitch's Steer & Beer tomorrow called off due to weather forecast

Well, this is a bummer: The Pitch's Steer & Beer event, scheduled for tomorrow, is off. Weather forecasters are throwing around words like possible and...

Kansas City Playing Hurt

Despite snapping Paxton's scoreless streak, Royals fall 5-2 to Mariners | FOX Sports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - James Paxton keeps helping the Seattle Mariners get back on track. Paxton tied a Mariners record by winning his seventh straight start, and Seattle beat the Kansas City Royals 5-2 Friday night to move back over .500.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad it took the city over a year to get sewers to this area or it would have been done a long time ago, the city could eff up a wet dream I swear!

Anonymous said...

The news did not show the home made Royals sign lit up at night. That is what I complained about.

Anonymous said...

" " Big hearts help construct sewers to serve tiny homes; Donations of cash, labor and materials boosts program for veterans"

They make such a big things out of these veterans outhouses. How soon we forget the market crash of 2008 brough about by boons who refused to pay their home loans. And what did we do for them? We gave them a bail out, free entitlements and section 8 housing for making no contribution to the world at all.

In the mean time the halls of the VA are filled with boon employees with little education, they are building a multi story parking garage so the bureaucrats can park near the building while the vets get to walk up to a half mile just to get inside the building, they are putting up millions of dollars in solar panels and planning to have employees working weekends and draw overtime so they can have extra Christmas money. In the mean time the VA doesn't drop a penny in cash in homing the homeless even though it is their mandate to do so.