Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The Kansas City Afternoon News Links

We've always got time for Brit pr0n hottie Gemma and the top Kansas City MSM news stories. Checkit . . .

Kansas City Tech Celebration

Gigabit City Summit shines national spotlight on KC Smart City

Showcasing Kansas City's success is a key part of establishing the city as a thought leader in smart city development, Aaron Deacon said. Last week's third annual Gigabit City Summit gathered more than 300 attendees - representing municipalities large and small, including city officials, economic development specialists, community builders and entrepreneurs - at Plexpod: Westport Commons.

Kansas City Fair Wage Party @ City Hall

Backers of higher wages rally in Kansas City

Supporters of a statewide petition to raise the minimum wage in Missouri rallied at City Hall in downtown Kansas City on Tuesday. Gov. Eric Greitens recently signed into law legislation that prevents individual cities from raising their minimum wage, but organizers say the petition could unify efforts to counter the state.

TKC Told You So . . .

Kansas City animal lovers want coaching intern fired from Chiefs

Animal rights activists and other concerned fans are planning a protest Wednesday at Arrowhead stadium because they are upset over the hiring of former All-Pro quarterback Michael Vick as a coaching intern. Vick, who spent 21 months in prison in connection with a dog fighting ring, is spending time with the Kansas City Chiefs as part of the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship program.

Kansas City Driver: Oh, Deer . . .

Driver swerves to avoid deer, crashes into KC home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City family has a major cleanup project Tuesday because a car plowed into their home overnight. The collision happened around midnight near East 96th and James A Reed Road in Kansas City. Witnesses say the driver swerved to avoid hitting a deer and crashed into the house.

Kansas City And The Kaw

Hundreds of paddlers hit Missouri River in world's longest canoe, kayak race

Over 400 canoeists and kayakers took off Tuesday morning from Kaw Point Riverfront Park to embark on the longest nonstop river race in the world.

JoCo Nature Cinema Spotlight

Lenexa Filmmaker Shows Elephants And Coffee-Drinking Humans In A Complicated Relationship

Fewer than 750,000 elephants are left in the world, according to conservationists' estimates. And the average American drinks more than 1,100 cups of coffee very year, according to a Harvard School of Public Health study. These statistics might seem unrelated, but D.K. Bhaskar, a Lenexa photographer, author and now filmmaker, shows they are crucially connected.

Crunch Time For Kansas City

Kansas City Royals must get hot before tough stretch of games

Over the past couple of months, the Kansas City Royals have been one of the hottest teams in baseball. With a solid June and July, the Royals managed to climb back into the thick of the playoff race. They now hold the second Wild Card and control their own destiny.

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Silverback Sly said...

bunch of lazy ass mooches want 15 bucks an hour but didnt show up today for 8 bucks an hour

Anonymous said...

Gemma is smokin hot!

Anonymous said...

You know if the minimum wage supporters would eat a lot less food (a whole lot less)they would have more cash on hand to buy weed and alcohol.

Anonymous said...

You can only hope that the Gigabit City Summit gang ran into the real KCMO, well-represented by the Kansas City Fair Wage Party.
Quite a scene.
And one that doesn't exactly jibe with Sly's fantasy of a leading-edge vibrant diverse urban community.
The out-of-towners must have wondered what they wandered into.

Anonymous said...

For not having enough money these people don't look like they have missed any meals, plus they are all skanky looking and I wouldn't want them touching my food.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to give them a tour of the Giga-Bullet Sheetyerbritches Summit in good ol' core Kansas City where the Tech-9 is high tech.