Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The Kansas City Afternoon Links

Hottie Jordan inspires this look at the most important Kansas City news links right now. Take a peek:

Kansas City Cars Stay Losing

Continuing sales slide for KC-made autos starts to become concerning - Kansas City Business Journal

Two of the three vehicles manufactured in Kansas City experienced huge declines in sales, mirroring an overall downward trend for auto sales that is starting to affect the area economy. Overall automobile sales in the U.S. have dropped 16 percent from a year ago, when they were at record levels.

Local Highway Cleanup

Graffiti eyesore on I-35 finally coming down

If you've driven down certain parts of I-35, you've seen the signs. Graffiti has hit a handful and remained there for nearly five months. The signs will soon be replaced within the next couple of weeks, possibly as soon as next week. And that's incredibly good news considering it's been an eyesore for drivers since March.

Rock Chalk Medical Drama

Patient Who Had Parts Of Her Organs Removed Sues KU Hospital For Fraud

The once-anonymous patient at the center of a whistleblower action filed against KU Hospital by one of its own pathologists is now suing the hospital herself for fraud, negligence and civil conspiracy.

Drunken Truck Driver Disaster????

Man charged with DUI after asphalt truck wreck on I-70 over Troost

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - UPDATE 2:50 P.M. 8/2/2017: Shay Thompson has been charged with driving under the influence after an asphalt truck he was allegedly driving struck a concrete barrier on WB I-70 over Troost Ave. Tuesday. Bridge inspectors for the Missouri Department of Transportation visited the section of a concrete barrier that was struck by the truck.

Celebrate Local Comeback

Once homeless, Kansas City entrepreneur transforms his life through fishing invention

Joseph Pippins used to call the streets of Kansas City, KS his home. Now, he is an entrepreneur, and his basement was the starting point for his business. But for Pippins, life hasn't always been easy. "I was sleeping in my car and when my car broke down I was sleeping in a couple of friend's houses," Pippins said.

Kansas City Costs Drown Locals

Committee to address rising water bills, KCFD overtime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Rising water bills and the $11 million KCFD overtime budget were both on the agenda for Wednesday's Finance and Governance Committee meeting at City Hall. The committee looked at options on the heels of a decade of water cost increase, punctuated in 2016.

The Next Season Of Hype

What we've seen at Chiefs camp so far

Our own Pete Sweeney joined 610 Sports to talk Chiefs with Henry Lake and Jay Binkley. Today's an off day for the Chiefs at training camp so instead of following camp tweets you can listen to Pete's segment above. 1:41 - Were you more shocked about Jeremy Maclin's release or John Dorsey's dismissal?

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Graffiti was never a huge issue till all the little brown people starting moving here.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City residents should view both the Chiefs and Royals as outstanding examples of the power of sports to benefit our town!

And to think that they do it all without one cent of taxpayer support from the State, County or City!

(Hunh? They get WHAT? HOLY CRAP! Surely the taxpayers get free tickets to at least one game... WHAT? DAMN!)

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie! Another KC "committee". That'll fix two of the most fucked up city departments.

Anonymous said...

That Graffiti is the best thing about driving on boring I-35. Leave it.

Eyesore, to your virgin eyes maybe.

Replacing the signs, LOL, just graffiti bust it with wash, save millions.