Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stolen Kansas City Lady FB Less Annoying Than Her Social Media Cries For Help

Social media crime is horrible but still saves friends and family from Buzzfeed content. Checkit:

Woman seeks answers after hacker steals her Facebook account

If you think Facebook has your back when you get hacked, you might want to think again. An estimated 160,000 Facebook accounts are hacked every day. About three months ago, Liesl Hays' Facebook account was hacked in a matter of seconds.


Anonymous said...

When one signs up with Facebook with all the security problems associated with Facebook they deserve to be hacked and have their lives fucked up with it.
Facebook is evil period.

Anonymous said...

She signed up.

Facebook Terms of Service Cover Their Assess TOTALLY.

She deserves whats she getting.

Anonymous said...

All these needly little people and their Facebook accounts. Then to really take the cake they put shitloads of sensitive and person information online like it was Fort Knox. Suck it up bimbo!

Anonymous said...

dumb fuck

Anonymous said...

NOTICE to Hackers :

I Welcome YOU to Hack my Facebook account, please !!!!!!!

as well as my TWITTER Account too !!!


All Hackers are invited, really !!!

You'll have shit loads of fun after Hacking them !!!!

KNOW WHY ??????????????

Because I'm NOT Stupid & ignorant, Naïve enough to ever of had any of these in the 1st frickin' place, NEVER did sign up for any of the phony bullshit !!!

Anonymous said...

People are stupid for using facebook. Zuckerberg could care less about people much less even facebook users. Let facebook die off like myspace.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go hack a candy machine. I want a couple of Snickers.