Saturday, August 12, 2017


An insightful column from the a top JoCo power player who seems to be hinting that the new airport campaign isn't gaining momentum among voters. Read more:

Mayor Sly James needs a new KCI strategy

If I went out to hire someone to sabotage the idea of a new, single terminal for Kansas City International Airport, I could not find a better candidate than Sly James. How painfully ironic that is, because the Kansas City mayor probably wants it more than anyone.


Anonymous said...

vote no on the cronies' inconvenient airport!

Anonymous said...

KCI is the best airport of the twenty I've been in this year, except for the inadequate behind-security restrooms, part of Sly's strategy to prove the airport out-of-date.

KCI needs some upgrading. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Maybe the Star is letting Rose speak truth to power, which they don't have the courage to do in their own voice.

Anonymous said...

Like maybe a new plan that doesn't include Buttfuck & McDouche, who fucked up Bransons airport.

Anonymous said...

Didn't everyone complain when the airport moved from downtown? Now you love the "new" airport. KCI is falling apart. Take a look the next time you are walking around outside the terminal.

Anonymous said...

Anything will "fall apart" if there's a conscious effort made not to maintain it as a rationale for getting something shiny and new.
The former airport director would have and should have been fired long ago if the council aviation committee had provided any oversight whatsoever.
Of course, the KCMO council doesn't provide any oversight, management, or accountability for much of anything and a cursory glance at the condition of the streets in the city proves that point.
On the other hand, the Sistine Chapel and Independence Hall in Philadelphia are in wonderful shape.
If a new KCI terminal is built and the same negligence is applied, which it surely will be, in 30 years the place will be a dump.
But we have a council resolution about climate change!
You really can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

I've got a suggestion...

Why don't Steve Rose and all the residents of Johnson County who are such avid supporters of the KC Taxpayers building a new Single Terminal Airport get together and start a movement!

They could take wasted space in their County, say from 119th to 145th, Metcalf to Roe, bulldoze it flat, then build a spiffy new state of the art Single Terminal facility where there used to be nothing of importance! OH, AND THEY CAN PAY FOR IT, TOO!!

That way they can achieve their heart's desire and get moist little panties every time they fly, and the ret of us in the Metro Area can just drive out there.

Super Dave said...

Steve Rose is a perfect example of whats wrong with politics in Kansas City. They are all stupid, ignorant and like looking at shining things while drool runs down their chins.

I heard a joke the other day that if you drive by where Stan is buried they say the ground shakes like being in an earthquake from Stan rolling over in his grave concerning the actions and thoughts of Steve he is so pissed off.

Anonymous said...

@8:23 is right, there has been a continuing effort of sabotage at KCI, probably on orders from "The Joke On Oak" as soon as planning for the 'Great Single Terminal Hornswoggle' started.

Before any vote on new airport plans are laced on a ballot, there should be a citizen's petition for the State Auditor to conduct an audit of the past ten years of the Aviation Department's operations!Sin!

Anonymous said...

Things are coming along nicely with the "New Airport" plan. First, they close down one terminal and cram the two most popular airlines into one terminal. Next, they let the remaining terminals fall into disrepair so folks immediately notice our terrible, no-good very bad facility. Then we get people like Steve Rose to hammer us about how visitors are devastated by our city's airport. He goes on and on about the world ending if we don't replace our airport RIGHT NOW. Geez, Steve, aren't there more pressing issue for the town than fixing what ain't broke?

Anonymous said...

Naw', what Sly Lying Commie' James needs is his pathetic Ass kicked out of City Hall, from the 21st story, to the street below, and hopefully with any luck at all,,, land head 1st on the asphalt below.

Then hopefully have city council members have to clean up the awful gross mess of all that,,,,, FAT from lyin' sly's Fat Ass !!!

Anonymous said...

@8:23 I agree with you. My only point, which I didn't make very well, is the concrete nature of the terminals. From what I understand, which may be wrong as I am not an structural engineer by any means, this type of building can't be easily repaired. They have been patching the big pieces that are falling off. I really don't know the answer.

I really just wanted to mention the irony of KCI replacing the downtown airport years ago (based on what TWA wanted with promises that KCI would be its hub- they ended up leaving for St. Louis). I wonder if anyone wanted a new airport back then (moving way out of downtown, three separate terminals, etc.). Now, there is a huge loyalty to KCI. I am not committing to a new airport now (renovations/repairs for sure). But, a TKC from back when KCI was being discussed sure would be an interesting read today.

If a new airport is built, I hope the airlines don't screw the City like TWA did when KCI was built to its liking, wanted costly changes, and when the City said no, left for STL.

Anonymous said...

Vote no!

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something or isn't the overwhelming no vote on the streetcar a portent for the KCI crony airport ballot proposal?

Anonymous said...

What was being said five years ago:

Anonymous said...

Please don't start applauding Steve Rose (the "I have plenty of black friends" wealthy JOCO Democrat who likes to lecture KCMO on civics) for speaking some truth in this post.

This is nothing more than Rose attempting to distance himself from what he sees as a looming election failure come November. Please recall that Rose has been pushing the idea of a new single-terminal from the beginning. Initially, for a few weeks, he publicly said that he was undecided (a lie) on the issue, because he wanted to give the public appearance of being impartial. Then he began an onslaught of phony PR propaganda on why KC had no choice but to raze and rebuild. Remember that this is the guy who reasoned in a newspaper article that because he once couldn't buy a late-night sandwich at KCI, it makes sense to spend a billion (+) dollars on a new terminal.

A Rose is a rose is a dunce!

JoCoPost said...

Steve Rose always wants to be on the winning side. And he dances like a minstrel at the circus. He was AGAINST BiState II before he was FOR it. And it failed to pass. A big embarrassment for Rose.

He's right about how wrong, intractable and stubborn Mayor Sly James is. He refuses to change his mind. If you've ever studied Meyer/Briggs personality profiles, his default setting is he is a strong J, a Judger, as opposed to a P, a perceiver, who constantly seeks more input before taking a stand.

That's not good for a mayor. Or a arbitration lawyer, which was Sly James' former career. Now also in the toilet, like the toilets at Southwest Airlines that he has allowed to be run down.

We don't have enough evidence of collusion yet for a recall. But keep up the pressure, TKC commenters. Someone do more research, please on how Burns & McDonnell built a faulty airport in Branson in 2009.

Someone run radio and TV spots about THAT, to counter the George Brett rah rah.

Someone get one of the 20 "hometown contractors" to reveal what THEY signed with Burns & Mac. Did they merely contract NOT to work for the opposition bidders? At least till it's decided?

Is that Restraint of Trade???

Hello. Get some real lawyers on this. And don't let craycray Sherry DeJanes and CFRJ screw this up.

How about Kathryn Shields--who at least favors Airport Revenue Bonds rather than enriching Merriman's Americo Insurance company, which is only worth $6 billion, and has no business financing this. Can she find six votes and get the toilets fixed at Southwest Airlines NOW? May I have an amen??

Anonymous said...

to your to-do list, could you please add that normal cities engage independent financial experts to advise them on complex projects and that the city council should do the same?

it's surprising that outside counsel has allowed a billion-dollar financing to dangle in an uninformed, uneducated debate among parties, some of whom are acting in bad faith.

Anonymous said...

It would be also helpful if video snippets of the totally disgenuine clips coming out of Airport cheerleaders were replayed, showing them basically doing over and over what they say the were not. Good thing they are posturing to matter on global warming topic as if that is in their close responsibility. You can't make it up.

Anonymous said...

yes, rose must smell a loss coming on the ballot.

maybe he looked at the streetcar extension fiasco.

Anonymous said...

What a farce. Rose is right. The Star is afraid to say it directly.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:32, you're only partly correct...

Your comment "A Rose is a Rose is a Dunce" was not only spot-on (and pretty dang funny too), but Steve Rose is, and always has been a REPUBLICAN! Look back on his record, and you'll have to agree.

Yesireebob, he's a 100% Right-Thinking (far right), Alf-Landon-was right Kansas REPUBLICAN, through and through!

He never met a Corporate Tax Cut he didn't like, he's always been in favor of De-Regulation (unless it's a regulation that helps Corporations maintain effective monopolies), he's always been a believer in the Reagan Plan (export jobs, export Jobs, export JOBS!) he's always (until things went South) been an avid Brownbackian, and he's never failed to jump aboard on any GOP Policy that would freeze wealth in Unproductive Hands to the detriment of the Wealth-Producing (i.e. Working) Class!

They don't come much more Republican than that, do they?

Oh, and by the way, how's Reagan's "Cut-Taxes-To-Create-Jobs" crap been working for you these past 36 years? l

Anonymous said...

10:25 comment

I thoroughly enjoy giving Rose crap for being a "Democrat" despite his declarations of being a Republican.
Why do I do that? Because if you've ever listened to Rose on Ruckus or read many of his columns, you too would get the distinct impression that he's a Democrat.
Rose is a unique type of Democrat. The type that's gotten wealthy from pro-growth, pro-business Republican agendas, yet identifies with the Democrat social agenda of liberalism.
He can claim to be a Republican to hang out with the well-to-do JOCO country club set, and benefit from the long-term policies set forth by Conservative people like Ed Eilert who paved the way for the JOCO Renaissance, but Rose is really a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

11:02 Winner!

Tracy Thomas said...

Steve Rose inherited all his money from a beloved and hard-working father, Stan Rose, who published the Sun Newspapers. Steve does not work, never has except at Daddy's paper. Upon the death of Stan Rose, Steve ran the paper briefly, sold it for a reported $12-$13 million, those fools ran it into the ground, as print publishing was dying. Rose reportedly bought it BACK for a reported $1 million, ran his mouth on the front page editorials for two years or so, failing even to disclose that HE was the campaign chairman for the person he was endorsing.

Steve Rose closed the paper at death's door when nobody was buyin' what he was sellin'. Completely unemployed and due to his 8th grade boy arrogant personality, he is darn lucky to have "fooled some people sometimes" into giving him a weekly Sunday column at the KC Star, spouting his opinions.

He has no skin in the game of life. He's Johnson County's The Mooch.

Super Dave said...

So what say you now Steve?

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Tracy!

I believe that when he sold out to the Star, he insisted on a contract clause guaranteeing him at least a monthly column to spout his opinions. So, that's the only reason he continues to be heard in print.