Thursday, August 10, 2017

Son Of Killed Kansas City Firefighter Rejects 'Closure' And Searches For 1988 Truth

A brave stand from one of many people who don't buy the official story that sent a bunch of po'folk to jail for a crime they didn't commit. Checkit:

Firefighter's son questions convictions, joins forces with defendant in 1988 arson case

The son of a Kansas City firefighter killed in an explosion is breaking his silence. James Kilventon is publicly questioning the convictions of five people held responsible in the fatal arson which killed a total of six firefighters back in 1988. "I just want to get to the bottom of it.


chuck said...

Interesting video and the most interesting criminal prosecution in KC's history imo.

I knew Frank in High School, he was a garden variety, local tuff guy. Not a bad guy really. Native American (Can't remember, maybe Sioux?). Petty criminal, juvenile delinquent, no killer by any measure and when you knew him, a pretty nice guy actually. I had met Oldham, didn't know him.

One of the Defense attorneys I knew really well, went to High School with him also. Great guy, I won't mention his name. He ALWAYS said, that he believed that the explosion was an accident that resulted from a conflict between the Non - Union company doing the job and the Union forces who were trying to cause trouble, because, obviously, it wasn't Union workers on the job.

I don't know who did it, but I do think it should be pursued and fleshed out as much as possible.

The Kansas City Star, which I despise, actually, through the years, has done a singular job of reporting on this crime, this accident. If yo go to the archives of the Star and read everything printed since the accident, it points to the innocence of the convicted.

It's a great read if you are interested and the reporters really dug in and assembled time lines and details that are a tribute to actual Journalism.

It might have been, one of the very last hurrahs for the Star.

Anonymous said...

It was Jackyl da Firebug. Where is Bolonzo solving this thing?

Anonymous said...


Who is 6:36 am working for?

Anonymous said...

8:22 He was referring to the idea that no one who set the fire would have known that an explosion of that magnitude would occur or that anyone would die from it.

We may never know if those convicted were really guilty of being anything but low lifes who made convenient scapegoats. After all these years none of the authorities will want to change the outcome.

Anonymous said...

@8:22, I doubt Chuck is working for anyone. His comments on the various subjects of TKC gossip-blog are well reasoned and written to express thoughts on a matter and convince the reader of his "side". Well written comments, expressed without bias are far more convincing than say: "cum guy", who I suspect is also "entertainers, MSM, progressives oh my" guy, who posts lengthy comments that everyone immediately disregards as soon as they scan the first sentence.

As far as this incident, conviction, and potential conflict within the court system; well, I don't have much knowledge on it specifically. It makes for an interesting read, and is certainly plausible. I've come up against the "thin blue line" in the courts system (not for criminal offense) and am always staggered by the open, blatant bias they will go to to protect "their own". So, on this, I find it entirely possible that the prosecutors/judges had some level of collusion in protecting Union (massive) contributors to their various publicly elected positions. It's open corruption and was certainly present in the late 80's as well as today.

Anonymous said...

used to drink and play pool with some of those old boys at the old dodson tavern years ago on 85th and prospect. a little onery but never blew up no fucking fireman.they were railroaded. the goddam union and cops just wanted some one to pay. it was a fucked investation all around.

Anonymous said...

I sure hate investations.