Friday, August 04, 2017

Show-Me STL NAACP Backing Down On Missouri Racism Travel Advisory

Reality check across the state and a realization that residents of every demographic are better off living with one another WITHOUT divisive rhetoric. Take a look:

St. Louis NAACP branch calls for an end to Missouri travel advisory

The NAACP advisory urges caution for people of color traveling through Missouri, at its annual convention last week. It was issued by the organization's Missouri state conference in June after a bill changing the standard for employment discrimination cases passed in the state.


Anonymous said...

People of color should still be on high alert when travelling through Missouri as there is a high probability they will be murdered by other people of color.

Anonymous said...

Anything that might discourage more black people coming to Missouri is good. Leave it alone, please.

Super Dave said...

Hmmmm, appears some people with some common sense are coming forward.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just another group of folks looking for attention and maybe a dollar or two.
The NAACP has been totally irrelevant for decades and is still marching around and making demands as though it was still in the 1960's.
They've been eclipsed by the even more ridiculous "organization" of Black Lives Matter whose hero is Michael Brown and the lies that story was based on, which in itself is a very poor place to start.
And other than selfies, "disruption", panelists on obscure cable television shows, and marching around, they've accomplished absolutely nothing.
All these organizations could actually try to make a difference if they addressed behaviors, education, jobs preparation, the criminal justice system, residents cooperating with the police, local police procedures and policies, and all the other interactions and issues that could actually make lives better and improve neighborhoods.
But they do NONE of it.
Too much work and not enough individual publicity.
And the media eat it up.
It's really a shame.

Anonymous said...

Some fucking NAACP ass hole gets a speeding ticket in Missouri,can't bullshit his way out of it and the next thing you know Missouri is on the national boon shitlist. This is how blacks operate thanks to the enabling leftists who attempt give this kind of bullshit credibility. Fuck em! Ferguson should be a national example of how to deal with punk ass violent and felonious thugs. Instead another street ape becomes a role model and hero for no class, mooching boons everywhere.

Anonymous said...

NAACP leadership has a vested interest in keeping black Americans suppressed.

Leadership would lose their political power, inflated salaries and benefits if they didn't work to keep black Americans trapped in the mindset of being forever victims.

The very name of their organization is racist, discriminatory, and harkens back to an era when "colored people" was a common term. NAACP is outdated and accomplishes nothing of substance for those not among it's leadership team.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Missouri is the nemeses given that the changes the NAACP is bitching about were made to align the State with discrimination action rules implemented by the Obamy administration. Does the NAACP have anyone with at least an 8th grade education who can research and read or are they hell bent on being black assed buffoons? Why is the lying ass fake. liberalist, news press not amplifying the truth of this rather than trying to act like Missouri dreamed this shit up to fuck with the African'ts?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Dave. Most people know this alert was garbage.

Retro ROCKER said...

Sant Louis needs the tourist from CHICAGO.

Anonymous said...

^Nailed it!