Tuesday, August 15, 2017


First report from the scene of this local tragedy . . .

Two children dead in Overland Park apartment complex fire

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Two children are dead and seven other people injured after an apartment complex caught fire early Tuesday morning, Overland Park Fire Dept. Media Manager Jason Rhodes said. The fire started before 2:30 a.m. near 89th and Glenwood streets. From the same unit, a woman suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation.


Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ No he is right sort of, thats a major section 8 area and is mostly black and there has been a ton of issues in that neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

"My baby-daddy crack pipe blowed up."

Anonymous said...

6:56---Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your hatred and devaluation of human life do not make you any sort of man- let alone one of quality. The racism and prejudice you hold in your heart I can only assume are the product of poor parenting and a failure from your generation to teach basic human decency. You are incapable of accepting the responsibility of your own shortcomings and those in society, and choose to instead project your dissatisfaction with life on a race of people you know nothing about and incorrectly stereotype.

How I know you are a coward is that you chose to attack two, young, DEAD children... And you lack the guts to even write your name. You hide behind a computer screen like the spineless, ignorant, fool you are. I DARE you to tell your co-workers, your neighbors, or even your own mother what you wrote... But you won't because you're weak! You'll continue to blame everyone but yourself for the miserable life you live, and never acknowledge the scum that you are.

Life is sacred and those children, who would have one day attended my daughter's school, deserved to live. They would have grown into smart, caring adults that made a positive impact on the world- unlike yourself. Please know that your racist views are dying out and that you will be forgotten along with them.

-Melissa Arnold

Anonymous said...

Actually as somebody who grew up not far from that area in the early 1970's - 1980's -1990's era

That is NOT the 1st time there has been a FIRE at this complex.

its old anyway

Its always kinda been a low income apartment complex for decades no matter who was living there,,,, or what nationality.

That apartment complex as I recall gave a lotta people hope and a better start to a better life later on.

I used to know a few people that lived there back in the 1970's 1980's era, but only for a short while did they live there, then they bettered themselves and moved out to better housing some bought homes later in life.

of course things change as the decades go by and get worse, theu buy outs and property changing owners and other screwed up bullshit,,,,,