Thursday, August 10, 2017


Busy day on the blog and behind the scenes, and so we conclude today's posting with a consideration of old school pop princess hotness and a hometown fanboy gone too far . . .

KMBC: Kansas City man arrested after rushing stage at Britney Spears concert in Vegas

The man was wrestled off stage by security and Britney's back-up dancers.

From Variety:

The incident, which several fans captured on their phones and posted on social media, shows Spears asking the crowd, “Are you guys having fun?” Upon quickly noticing the commotion going on behind her, she asked, visibly shaken, “Is something okay? What’s going on?”

Security guards blocked Spears and escorted her off stage, while her dancers and more security guards subdued the intruder. Fans chanted “a–hole” as the man was ushered out of the venue.

And then . . .

TMZ - Bum-Rushed Onstage 'HE'S GOT A GUN?!'

Actually, he DID NOT have a gun.

Billboard: According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, officers arrested 37 year-old Jesse Webb for trespassing during Spears' concert. "Webb was asked to leave the concert by security prior to him jumping on stage and dancing," read a statement from the department.

And so, today we learn that the road to fame (or an embarrassing brush with it) is fraught with peril and there's nothing to do but laugh after getting smacked down by cheap showbiz choreography.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Typical Degenerate IDIOT !!

Everybody should be RUSHING to get out of the Stupid NO Talented Brittany Spears Concert !!

Hell for what it cost to get in to see the clueless dingbat Brittany,,
including Airfare & Hotel ,,, you'd have way more fun at a Topless Bar for less money !!

Brittany ain't nothin' but a Skank anyway with her "AUTO-TUNE" Singing,,,

Anonymous said...

Who has more reason to be embarrassed, the 37 year old man caught at a Britney Spears concert or the bimbo who actually asked, "Is something okay?"

Dejour said...

^^^^ Yep & +1

Anonymous said...

Classic KC shit-eating "what me worry?" grin.

Anonymous said...

Long time local KC gay bar drug dealer anyway should have been locked up a long time ago

Anonymous said...

Thought that bitch looked familiar. He sold me some shit weed and Sidekicks.

Anonymous said...

How bad did it make you shit weeds?