Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Thanks to more than a few readers who asked that we check out this story . . . Wanted to save it for the morning update because it offers a nice look into the future for a shady downtown project.


Kansas City taxpayers on the hook for tearing down abandoned hotel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It looks like a war zone right in the middle of a northeast Kansas City industrial park. An abandoned hotel now has graffiti, broken windows, massive destruction, and it was the site of a death and numerous police calls.


Anonymous said...

Convention hotel! I think I took my son there to a comic convention many moons ago,

Anonymous said...

Previous post stated that "artists" want cheaper living space.
Give them ownership of the hotel, let them renovate the building, and they'll have a cheap place to live.
Just a little imagination and elbow grease.
I thought these people were supposed to be creative!

Anonymous said...

I got news for you folks, who do you think is paying for all the demolitions in Kansas City past and present??? Your taxes are! They're trying to spend 10 million of your tax dollars in two years to tear down houses right now.

Anonymous said...

Kshb 41 news was trespassing on private property by the way

Anonymous said...

What were the tax abatements related to this project?

Anonymous said...

the New York jew owner scamming KC taxpayers

Oy Vea!

Anonymous said...

Probably owned by the Illuminati!!! RIGHT, TONY?

Anonymous said...

When you give monopoly casino status to hotels nearby it seems likely that the only other hotel in the area would close.

Retro ROCKER said...


Unknown said...

Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm thinking about buying this HOTEL
Once I do I will remodel it and call it "The Commie Hotel", to house all the Degenerate Commie Liberals.
I'll have some SECRET stuff planted under the Hotel,,, once fully occupied with Commie Lib'tards, who naturally won't have any MONEY as usual,,,,
I can flip the SWITCH on my remote and Level the place,,,and then collect on the insurance, and make out like a Bandit !!!

Solved 2 problems with a simple flip of a switch !!

Got rid of the hotel, and the commies who occupied it, while NOT paying their rent as usual .