Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Ralph Nader Group Vs. St. Luke's Over 'Unethical' Heart Attack Research

Dead-Tree media covers this middle-class debate among locals with healthcare that will pay for this scientific dispute in the first place. Take a look:

Ralph Nader's nonprofit wants to shut down heart attack study at St. Luke's

Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy nonprofit founded by former third-party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, is calling for a halt to a national heart attack study that St. Luke's Hospital is participating in. The group says the study is unethical because it puts one group of patients at greater risk without fully informing them of it.


Anonymous said...

Just transfer the study to the VA. They don't give a shit about study participants, let alone their patients.

Anonymous said...

^^Single payer plans are touted by big GUBMINT loving goofs. 9:07 is honest in telling how too much is FUBAR at the VA, in perception because of the reality in f*ckups. Imagine many millions of us on a VA type medical debacle.

Anonymous said...

St Lukes always makes me nervous when I go in the door. Must be the bad vibes.