Pitch Points Out Will Kraus Hypocrisy

The Sleaze Summit soldier famous for advocating a crackdown on illegal immigrant youngsters stands down. Pitch kicks dirt on the grave of his political career. Checkit:

Noted Missouri government hater Will Kraus gets high-paying job working for Missouri government

As a Missouri senator, Will Kraus of Lee's Summit did his best to bankrupt state government. Now the beast that he worked so hard to starve will be his benefactor. Gov. Eric Greitens on Monday handed Kraus a plum appointment to the state Tax Commission, where he will earn about $106,000 a year, plus generous government health care and other benefits.


  1. Chump change! We have firemen in KCMO making a lot more than that.

  2. Not a lot of money for an attorney but considering how few hours government employees work it's a lot easier than a real job.


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