Friday, August 04, 2017

Newspaper Vs. Clay Chastain: Again

Another election and a ritual dispute betwixt dead-tree media and a prolific transit activist:

Editorial: Vote no on Question 2, the rapid-rail initiative

Clay Chastain has offered yet another plan for rail-based transit in Kansas City. It relies on a regressive sales tax that can't raise nearly enough money to build what he envisions. We urge Kansas Citians to vote no on Question 2 on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

If the star says no then you should vote yes!

Anonymous said...

Few things summarize the comical dysfunction of KCMO better than a fight between Clay Chastain and Davy Johnson.
Arrogance, duplicity, and reckless abandon with other people's money.
Any adult supervision has left the building.

Anonymous said...

I bet Chastain could have his choo choo if we cut the tax abatement handouts to the Star.

Clark Hunt said...

Tony, I know this is an ad hominem attack, but for the love of humanity, can you please start using this new Keith Myers/STAR photo of Clay? Instead of "nectie in the windstorm" or "Ks Sunflower big chopper dentures"???

This one reveals Clay without his lower dentures, performing the politically incorrect "Chiefs Tomahawk Chop".

Please, Tony?? Please???

Brookside white bitch said...

Clay is my hero. I would totally let the guy play piano for me and then seduce me!

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Star vs. Clay Chastain... guess which one of these two has any shred of credibility left with people in the real world on the outside of the "Media Swamp"? (hint: it ain't the one KC keeps bailing out with Tax$ handouts)

Anonymous said...

Did Clay say the other day tha the woman he went south to marry divorced him?