Wednesday, August 02, 2017


The Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance (RTA) has ENDORSED Clay Chastain's streetcar plan that's up for a vote on August 8th . . .

Word according to the transit activist on Question 2:

"This fair, bold and forward-thinking group has stepped forward to take a leadership role in guiding Kansas City voters on a visionary and innovative petition proposal to vastly improve the City's public transportation infrastructure."

An endorsement penned by streetcar dude David Johnson which is an impressive turnabout considering these dudes were at each other's throats last year:

KCRTA supports Question 2 on August 8 ballot

This proposal is drastically different from others offered by Clay Chastain, all of which we have opposed in the past.

- It does not divert funding from the city’s 3/8th cent sales tax, which is essential for maintaining core bus service. Instead, it creates new funding sources for bus operations.

- It includes a scope of work that can be scaled to available revenue – assuming federal funds are made available – through a “build what you can” caveat that would allow progress to continue in reasonable phases.

- It provides a strong response to Question 1, an unreasonable anti-streetcar position on the same ballot.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Johnson and Chastain teaming up? I guess that eclipse really is going to be the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

He's given them everything they want, a sensible plan.

Anonymous said...

Nah, the RTA's just desperate to keep transit plans away from voter approval. Bet they've already figured out a way to divert toe money this would provide to "more worthy" uses anyway.

Remember that the KC voters already passed one of Chastain's plans, but the Mayor and Council vetoed it (no power to do that under the Charter, but they did).

Don't buy into the BS that it was "illegal" or took money away from the ATA, that's just LIES! What that plan did was take an EXPIRING TEMPORARY 10-year tax that was passed solely to buy new busses, but that had instead been used to increase executive salaries, and extend that tax for 25 years to match already approved Federal Funds and fund construction of a KCI/Union Station line. This line is the only thing that could possibly fund itself, and would have formed a basis and the funding to expand to the Plaza, UMKC, the Zoo on a southern branch and to the Stadiums on an eastern one.

That plan had to be stopped, or else the inflated executive salaries at the ATA would be in danger!


Anonymous said...

A couple of doofuses from LA La Land living their dreams by stampeding the gang at 12th and Oak into spending ridiculous amounts of someone else's money on fanciful "transit" schemes.
The amateur comings and goings in KCMO never cease to amaze.
Is downtown New York City yet?

Anonymous said...

Fixed rail is old technology. KCMO should be investing in mobile on demand transportation services. Vote yes on #1.

Anonymous said...

Watch out CLAY If you win they take the money for what ever they want to spend it on.

7:31 is on the real intelligent money. Tesla for $30,000. Ride in comfort and style -instead of the town drunks fouling the air you can let the car take you to work listening to your choice of music while you eat breakfast.

Byron Funkhouser said...

8:38, that is what the elites will be doing, & the small muddle class will work as security guards keeping the unwashed, hungry masses at bay, as you zip from one well guarded ivory to another.

Strange thing is, while rich people are afraid of poor people, poor people are not afraid of the rich; & while you believe your own propaganda, we do not.

Anonymous said...

What a waste.

Lou said...

who is we ?

Anonymous said...

Really like the comments about better alternatives like autonomous transit, ride sharing and electric-BRT. The streetcar is a OLD technology and it doesn't plan for the future.

Retro ROCKER said...

I'm sure it will be better to lease a Tesla. Technology changes. And In a few years cars will be much better.

Anonymous said...

I'm suggesting a NEW Rail plan

I'm purposing that the Lionel TOY TRAIN Thingy,, just circle around KCMO City Hall, in 1 Big Circle, at speeds like 70mph to 90mph all day long, as it will keep riders glued to their seats and the centrifugal force will keep riders glued to the walls at such speeds.

Also give Mayor Sly James something to look at out his Window at City Hall, trying to count how many times the TOY TRAIN comes flying by his window at 90mph !!