Monday, August 28, 2017

New Hotness: Kansas City Cycling Coffee

Just a bit of hipsters trend-spotting to brighten our morning . . . Here's a bit of behind the scenes on local bicycle culture collabo with baristas . . . For those peddling a delightful bit of pretentiousness and overpriced java to the fading American middle-class. To be fair, it's something just a bit off the beaten path for those of us looking for an occasional Starbucks alternative. Checkit:

Trend Alert: Get Your Fix at These Cycling Cafés

Most early-morning riders need a shot of caffeine to keep the wheels spinning, so it's only natural that there are increasingly more cycling cafés popping up, providing cyclists whatever fix they might need: beer, coffee or a tuneup. Repair, retail and rental shops have combined with coffee shops (and bars!)


Anonymous said...

Somehow I'm guessing that the market for coffee-drinking cyclists will turn out to be really not all that big.
Please let us know when the space becomes available again.

Anonymous said...

Haha, 6:39. Yeah, when it becomes available again maybe open a bar called Poor Freddie's.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! What a wonderfully original idea! There's a real market for Bicyclist Coffee in North Kansas City! I'll hop on my bike and check Velo out, just as soon as I finish my Danish and coffee at Le Monde, just like I've been doing every morning for years!