Thursday, August 03, 2017


An important response worth sharing in fairness to the top ranking County official . . .

Jackson County Executive Statement on Special Legislative Meeting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. has released the following statement in response to today’s special legislative meeting:

“I had the opportunity to meet with County officials and auditor Jim Rowenhorst about the issue of staffing at the jail in advance of today’s special legislative meeting. I understood the concerns that would be addressed and again, expressed the need for collaborative solutions. I am encouraged by today’s public discussion in an effort to make progress and look forward to reviewing the auditor’s final report.”

“Improving conditions at the jail is my top priority and I am not taking this situation lightly. Staffing issues at the jail are not new, which is why we have followed the recommendations of a 2015 Department of Corrections Task Force and implemented new initiatives that include increasing pay and training for Corrections Officers. This problem did not happen overnight and it will not be fixed overnight. I remain committed to ensuring we operate a safe and secure facility for staff, inmates and visitors.”

You can find an update of capital improvement projects at the jail on the Jackson County website.



Anonymous said...

Everyone is just piling on Frank because he is black

Anonymous said...

^^Nice try, Funk-a-delic @ 8:46.

THE issue is competency, NOT color, guy who is racist while accusing all whiteys of it.

Anonymous said...

Frank was shrugging about this shit a month ago calling one of the horrendous rapes at the jail "old news" and just saying, "Stuff happens in a jail." His highest priority isn't fixing this mess. It's getting his picture taken.

Anonymous said...


You DO NOT hire "Lawnmower Mechanics" to work on "Jet Aircraft" !!!!!!

and I don't give a flyin' shit, what color they are, or what nationality, or creed they are , simple as that !!!!!

They've got somebody who's totally inept & incompetent at the Job, that somebody is FRANK WHITE and Sly James, and Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker !!!!

Fed up with bullshit excuses and rhetoric and hiding behind the wore out race card for protections , enough is enough !!!

Anonymous said...

Frank has no excuse for this. He wants to play the I inherited this blame game. Well the consultant said this shit show has only gotten worse in the last six months. Apparently Frank's BS pep talks aren't cutting it, not when the correctional officers are not making enough to live. How much is Frank making? How much is he paying his chief of staff, administrators, deputy administrators, PR staff? And where was he instead of being at this meeting? If he can't be here for a meeting about a crisis maybe he shouldn't be around at all. Fire Frank!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank spreads more bullshit than a bull. "A safe and secure facility for staff, inmates and visitors." Fail. Fail. Fail. Didn't he hear what anybody had to say during this meeting? Oh, right. HE WASN'T THERE!

KC JD said...

Frank is on dangerous ground here, he needs to get serious about tackling this issue and stop being so reactive.

Anonymous said...

Frank White may have been a good Ball player during his time !!

BUT',, Frank is way outta his league when it comes to this Venue, and he should of known better, and NOT accepted the job !!!!

I'd like to know just exactly who the hell's idea it was to recommend FRANK WHITE for this Job ???????

Was it KCMO Mayor Sly James ???
Jean Peters Baker ??
a City council member ??
Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp ???

WHO Exactly , because they too need to be held accountable fully !!!

Anonymous said...

Mike Sanders handpicked Frank, and pure usual the countY legislature rubber stamped the whole deal.

Anonymous said...

Caleb Clifford was not in town, so the Jig did not know what to say. He hid. Frank is scared to do anything without the white boy.

Anonymous said...

Frank and Caleb or Caleb and Frank it is hard to know who is really running the County. Most bets are on Caleb and he gets the blame for bringing down Frank's once positive reputation but those who know Frank say the inaction is typical of him and Caleb only encourages the paralysis of action and paranoia. Either way the place is broken and these two need to go. Jean Peters Baker who was on the verge of firing Caleb before Frank foolishly hired him says Caleb is one of the most dishonest people she has encountered in county government. In the Jackson County Courthouse that says aloft.

Anonymous said...

Frank's Caucasian handler was not there to tell him what to say.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to me that a guy that has as much disdain for white people as Frank White would basically let a cracker like Clifford run him around like Frank's his bitch. Make no mistake, Caleb runs the show and he lets everyone know it. Frank is simply "the ambassador" of Jackson County. Pretty damn demeaning. But, Frank's too afraid to check Caleb's privilege.