Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mothers In Charge Needs Help Amid Historically Violent Kansas City Summer 2017

Important note . . . A group that has also spoken out vehemently against 2nd Amendment confronts challenges garnering grassroots support amid worsening local violence. Checkit:

Anti-violence organization looks for more volunteers in Kansas City

If you are a Kansas City mother, aunt or grandmother, "Mothers in Charge" wants you. The 501(c)(3) organization reaches out to families affected by homicide. Members are reaching out to recruit more volunteers. Thursday at 6 p.m. M.I.C. is holding an event called "Calling All Mothers" at the Mohart Multipurpose Center at 3200 Wayne Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Is there a minimum weight requirement ?

Anonymous said...

How about if Mothers In Charge volunteer not to have kids with soon to be departed ghetto daddies?

Anonymous said...

Killa City a winning team.

Anonymous said...

Mothers In Charge of what? Surely not in charge of properly raising the kids you seem to have with amazing frequency.

If you want to make a difference stop ignoring your sons after they turn twelve years old and you kick them out the door to run the streets at all hours.

If you want to make a difference teach your daughters not to have kids with any male that wanders by and talks nicely to them. And teach them not to have more kids than they and THEIR HUSBANDS can afford to raise.

It's too late for you, but teach your kids to avoid the same mistakes you've made in your lives.


Anonymous said...

Who in the world writes checks to an "organization" like this?
And what about the faith community offering aid and comfort to grieving family members of homicide victims?
The odds are that the very members of this group has lots of information about at least a few of the hundreds of unsolved homicides in KCMO, as less than 50% of murders are every cleared year after year.
Combining this mess with ad Hoc, Aim4Peace, and as many others as you could identify would at least eliminate the cost of a bunch of "executive directors" and wouldn't affect the crime rate even a little bit.
What a joke.

Anonymous said...

The best thing they could do is turn their own kids in for the murders they commit

Anonymous said...


Yes, I believe you're correct. The Mothers know their loved ones are dealing in drugs and committing crimes and yet they chose to turn a blind eye to their behavior. The ministers and faith community know who the criminals are yet they too remain silent. The barbershops and beauty shops too know the truth of what is going on in the "community" yet they too are willfully blind to the destruction of and in the "community"

No amount of women volunteering to "appear" after a killing will change the above truth or the lies that are being told of the numerous deaths of their loved ones.

It all starts at home.

Anonymous said...

10:30 you're right.

Anonymous said...

Who writes checks to groups like this? Well Slyme James and the city of KCMO for starters. Absolutely ridiculous.

Retro ROCKER said...

If the mothers were in charge there boys and girls would not be involved in gangs and drug dealing and shooting each outher. How many of these people that was the target of violence in a gang or dealing drugs.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder if some of these same mothers are the ones who are eager to file lawsuits against anybody in the school district who attempts to Discipline their kids !!

NOT only does discipline & parenting start at home, but also good education & common sense skills apply at public schools, which have got away from any that the during the Commie O'bama years.

Now days they teach youngsters how to NOT behave and act up and cause all kinds of problems in the name of DIVERSITY and being a SJW / Social Justice Warrior Terrorist !!

Anonymous said...

My favorite comment of all time from these mommas after "these boys" murder someone is "he's a good boy he didn't mean it, I forgive him" that's code for I know what happened and I'm not telling. Momma needs a new caddy so send me yo money bitches!

Anonymous said...

Spayed and neutered that's tha answer.

Steve Hanson said...

^^^^^^ Agree 100%

Anonymous said...

It sounds harsh to blame the Mothers in Charge for the loss of their children, but somewhere along the line they lost control of their babies. I wish them luck in finding a solution to the violence.

Note to the police: Work with the MIC, AdHoc, Aim4Peace and any other group. They should be called FIRST to see if they can defuse a situation with help from the family members. Back off, way off, if you see someone waving a gun or failing to follow police orders. Let the "concerned bystanders" reason with that person. They are all probably armed better than you are. The Black community has got to learn how to deal with their own problems. Police - stay out.

Anonymous said...

Unwilling to admit black people are the problem here, beginning, middle and end?

Negro on negro killings, rapes, robberies etc are not any of my business or concern. They can solve their own issues in their own communities (or not) as the case may be. All I care is that their dysfunction and violence stays as far away from human areas as possible. In that regard, I'd really prefer a policy of isolation and containment wherein they could sink or swim based on their own efforts in their own areas and be kept out of mine sans any taxpayer support except that which is supplied by their own. I don't want or need them for anything at all and- no- I don't care about them. They aren't "my people" to use the phrase used by Eric Holder.

Sorry, negroes. But I don't care if you live in a violent shithole of your own making. I don't care if you live in a food desert and a job desert because you've driven all the businesses away with all your bullshit behaviors and don't build or open any businesses of note of your own. I don't care if you have to live in a tarpaper shack as a result of your failures. Nor do I care if one of you has six fatherless and "hongry" niglets. None of it is my business or concern so stop screaming "Gibsme!" or "Heps me!" because I'm staying out of your "bidness."

P.S. Enjoy your killing fields!