Saturday, August 12, 2017

Local Fanboy Logic: Kansas City Chiefs Looked Great In Their Latest Loss!!!

Excuses and rose-colored-glasses begin another season in Kansas City pro-sports. Take a look:

Smith, Mahomes solid before 49ers rally past Chiefs, 27-17

Alex Smith led the Chiefs to a quick touchdown and first-round pick Patrick Mahomes II had an impressive debut, before the San Francisco backups led the 49ers to a 27-17 victory over Kansas City in their preseason opener Friday night.


Anonymous said...

Any dogs get killed? Keep an eye on Vick.

Joseph Turner said...

I guess I will still plan on going to my one game at Arrowhead this year, and ride the Metro Bus to save on parking. I hope that offends you people. Reply to this message and it will let you know you commented.

Mizzou-educated stop light guru. MoDOT. St. Joseph

Anonymous said...

Football: a game played by dummies and watched by morons.

Anonymous said...

^ you prefer playing with yourself?