KCMO Mayor Sly Satellite Radio Conversation

A talk with the top politico in Kansas City as his attention increasingly turns toward the national scene. Checkit:

Recently, Mayor Sly James was on POTUS radio with Tim Farley on Sirius XM

We MIGHT listen to this one later tonight . . . Interested listeners are encouraged to offer their reviews of the talk in the comments and possibly save usall  from trite civic boosterism that's only good for background noise whilst toenail clipping.

You decide . . .


  1. I missed the show. What was he lying about?

    1. What isn't he lying about

  2. He almost has that insincere bs artist look down, as the mayor wanted to hijack Clay's budget if he won, the public can hijack the Streetcar commitee if Sly stacks with corporate fixers. Consequences from the public court of opinion

  3. As Sly turns toward the national scene?
    Doing what?
    He couldn't qualify for "America's Got Talent".
    And the auditions for the network tv comedies are already over.
    Maybe he can become one of the thousands of "former somethings" on cable news panels.
    And try to continue the tale of how he transformed downtown KCMO into a hip, millenial, dense, vibrant, and exciting urban environment.
    And then hopes that no one from the network actually visits.
    The Peter Principle is alive and well.

  4. Maybe he'll do what that idiot funkytown did and go to Washington to teach other mayors how to eff over their citizens

  5. At least on radio he only sounds like a lying, black cocksucker.

  6. Rumor has it that
    Mayor SLY JAMES, may be a contestant on the next "GONG SHOW" !!

    Go to YOU TUBE and search 1970's GONG SHOW for more info ,,,,,,,


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