Wednesday, August 23, 2017

KCMO Desperately Seeking Bridge Fix

The Northland is nervously awaiting word about Missouri money to help save their commute . . . Here's urban planner discussion of this tragic topic that could cost KCMO millions: More US 169 Buck O'Neil Bridge/Beyond the Loop Concepts


Anonymous said...

Generic Racist Comment.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that one is funny!

Anonymous said...

Northlanders are going to be waiting a very long time for anything. We need to remove ourselves from the City tax base and create our own municipality. The City will continue to ignore and punish us because we don't fall in line with every hare-brained idea they come up with. Northlanders Unite.

Anonymous said...

Priorities include Science City, 18th & Vine, Ghost Convention Hotels, race based shit like Boob Baseball museums, tensile town airports etc. Fuck infrastructure we have our little fun spot projects to worry about.

Anonymous said...

NOPE No longer goin to be referred to by that RACIST Name Buck O'neill bridge !!

I demand it be renamed to the John Paul Getty Bridge immediately !!

That or the Einstein Bridge

or how bout, The Fuckin' Steel Bridge ?????