Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kansas City Wife Killer Convicted

Aftermath of local domestic drama and a realization that the Northland is getting rougher:

Jurors convict man of killing wife in Clay County in 2015

On Thursday, jurors deliberated just under four hours before convicting a Northland man of first-degree murder for killing his wife. Thomas Santamaria, 45, was convicted of killing his wife Yuvett Santamaria in 2015. The night before the murder, Santamaria had told a witness that he planned to kill his wife.


Byron Funkhouser said...

If he were a black man this thread would be full of hate & talk of lynching.

Anonymous said...

The bitch gave good head, but she was a fucking mud shark. That is why hubby lynched her.

Anonymous said...

Just shut the fuvk up Byron, you liberal douche nozzle.

Anonymous said...

Appears to be Russian Mail order bride gone wrong. She realized she had to live with and have sex with a balding asshole and was ready to get out.