Kansas City To-Do List: End Of The World

One of our favorite rising star lady bloggers offers this somewhat informative Kansas City end of days listicle that's surprisingly click-worthy for those looking for good times at the end of days. Checkit:

12 Events in Kansas City To Watch the Total Solar Eclipse - Sarah Scoop

Everyone in Kansas City is getting so excited about the great American solar eclipse of 2017, as this is the first time since 1806 the sun will cast its shadow. Kansas City is almost exactly along the center line, where the sun will be completely eclipsed for roughly 2 minutes, depending on where you live.


  1. How much crime will occur that day during the darkness in KCMO? I'm thinking at least a couple of shootings and a half dozen robberies.

  2. ^^With any luck at all, it will be you who is a victim of it.

  3. Day or Night, for the last 50 years its been almost impossible to view celestial events in KC because of cloudiness.

    Accuweather predicts variable cloudiness and a chance of thunderstorms for the 21st, Keep your fingers crossed


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