Friday, August 18, 2017

Kansas City Season Of Vigils Continues . . .

Tonight's memorial and a tragic back to school traditions whilst culture war dominates the headlines. Take a look at the story but maybe don't check comments for those who are still in grief:

Roosevelt Cooper, 18, remembered at Kansas City vigil

Roosevelt Cooper, a former all-state football player at Hogan Prep High, was tragically killed Thursday. His family, friends, and former coaches and teachers gathered at a vigil Friday, the day he was supposed to leave for college.


Anonymous said...

Thank sLIE for letting this crap go unabated

Anonymous said...

^^^ EXACTLY correct. Let's look big picture here and see who is REALLY to blame among our elected leaders.

Anonymous said...

Exactly WRONG. You little synchophants sound like idiots now. "Ooh, what's sLIE gonna do? What's sLIE gonna do? Waah waah waah!"

What can the mayor do about blacks' lower IQs, defective genetics and inbred animal behavior? Not a goddamned thing.

We keep repeatedly telling you black people are the problem. Get rid of black people, get rid of the problem.

OK? That clear enough for you? Black people are society's problem.

We white humans know a final solution is the only way.

Anonymous said...

Exactly why sLIE is at fault, he's black, or did you forget that, you little synchophant. Maybe you shouldn't post when your drunk on your sissy drinks punk. OK? That clear enough for you?

Anonymous said...

The news reported the victim had a gun on him too so he wasn't some college bound angel they make him out to be. He was caught up in the thug life too.