Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kansas City Rain Water Rescue Midweek

Whilst KCMO was battling the ghosts of the confederacy . . . The rising tide of busted infrastructure creates more dangers on local streets:

Two water rescues conducted on 12th and Elmwood due to heavy downpour

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many areas in the metro flood every time it rains, including the bridge near 12th and Elmwood. It's an area which neighbors KC Windustrial, a commercial plumbing company. "Every time it rains, for the most part with the large rains we've been having, it seems to flood," Monty Betterton with KC Windustrial said.


Silverback Sly said...

the article should read "niggers dont know better"

Anonymous said...

Cleaver is the only ghost of the Confederacy around here. He built the school to prison pipeline and poisoned the streets with the Bannister Federal Complex and watch hundreds who voted for him die. Your a bitter old man Mr stupid Methodist mega church Preacher.