Kansas City Prof Explains Death Of The Family Amid American Middle-Class Demise

An important talk tonight offers an examination of real life social engineering by way the corporate economy as partisan creeps slapfight over culture war crumbs to the delight of the mostly clueless mobs. Checkit:

Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family

In a discussion of her book Marriage Markets, the University of Minnesota's June Carbone - a former law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City - examines the role of our country's growing fiscal inequality in reshaping American families. The event marks Women' Equality Week.


  1. The blacks did it! Lol!

  2. More likely, the breakdown of the American family is creating greater economic inequality. Not the other way around.

  3. Carbone is an idiot

  4. Byron Funkhouser8/23/17, 1:50 PM

    There is no breakdown of the American Family.

    Income inequality makes poor families stronger. It is common to see several generations in the same household. We haven't seen extended families like this since we were an agrarian nation.

    What he's seeing is the breakdown of institutional religion.

    1. FunkyDunce, WTF? Are you high, or ya just like to toss out crap to be the contrarian. Yeah, pile up people in modest hovels with stretched resources. When the 24 pack of Pepsi is sucked down, the last bag of BBQ chips gets scarfed, and the crack pipe's empty like all the EBTs of the household, THERE'S A SETTING FOR AN EPISODE OF "COPS"!

      And, her name is June, so it's "she". Wake up.

  5. Actually, the biggest factor was probably the creation of "THE GREAT SOCIETY" in the mid sixties. This in turn led to the creation of what I call the "IT's NOT YOUR FAULT, YOU'RE A VICTIM" Industry, composed of very well paid, Authors, Social Workers, Government Bureaucrats, and innumerable Agencies, Divisions and Charities.

    For decades we have been told that nothing is our own responsibility, none of the decisions we make result in undesired consequences, and we are all helpless waifs adrift in the storm-tossed seas of misfortune.

    The end result is that Real Victims, who have suffered Real Misfortune through no fault of their own, are buried by what are now fourth and fifth generation "creatures" with no self-respect. no ambition, and a perpetual whining air of hand-outstretched self pity.

  6. Baby mommas and lost daddies are the root of the problem.


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