Thursday, August 03, 2017


The GOLD STANDARD of our local discourse continues to examine the Kansas City issues of the day and the local trends of the times.

Check tonight's episode description:

"Mike Shanin interviews Port KC President & CEO Michael Collins about new development on the riverfront. Gwen Grant, Shawn Saving, Danedri Herbert & Patrick Tuohey discuss Jeff Colyer's challenges when he replaces Brownback as Governor and his potential impact on the 2016 race, the Missouri voter ID law and its implications for next week's election & Donald Trump's choice for a new Chief of Staff."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Is Gwen really that dumb

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Yes. Even dumber.

Anonymous said...

Unless Jack Cashill is on this show, I can't force myself to ever watch this garbage.

Anonymous said...


Newsmaker: Political do-nothing hack Michael Collins can't even give a valid justification for the existence of his agency. Why does the Port Authority of KC exist, and why can't the city of KCMO deal with their own territory? Why is the Port Authority a semi-autonomous agency of the state of Missouri, with no one holding it accountable? Why did the Port Authority hire Congressman Carwash's daughter for a position that wasn't advertised, not available for others, and unnecessary? Why is the Port Authority becoming a de facto financing conduit for private developers who view it as a piggybank for favored low-interest loans?

Did you hear Collins state that KCMO is 300 miles wide in area? Geography genius...NOT!

Patrick Tuohey (L)
Gwen Grant (D)
Shawn Saving (D)
Danedri Herbert (R)

Tuohey and Herbert crushed Grant/Saving on every topic. Grant could win the Powerball lottery and still claim to be an oppressed victim of White Republican privilege. Saving slanders the Trump Administration as "white nationalist" and "Nazi" sympathizer. Bomb-throwing Democrats like these 2 are the reason why intelligent Democrats like Ruckette Dr. Lisa Johnston will likely never gain a foothold.

Anonymous said...

Ask Port Authority how many millions Mike Burke pulled out of the Port Authority. My authoritative source is that amount is between three and five.

Anonymous said...

Niggers galore..