Kansas City New Airport Already Sucks

Presentation of phony financials and drawings to Council are underway for an airport that nobody who isn't directly profiting from it really wants . . . And already the designs look horrible and even worse than simply sticking with the current configuration that works fine.

Developing . . .


  1. this great info.

    comparisons of convenience factors will necessarily fail, as mci is one of the best this frequent flyer has been in. (mci = kci, wanted to prove frequent flyer credentials.)

    remodeling and putting fast-food and t-shirt shops above could be done for less than a tenth the cost.

    save kci.

  2. In these presentations and their claims about private financing, who are the experts analyzing the complexities?

  3. Got an airport phone survey today. I went with it for a while, but when it became obvious the survey was going to go on for a lot longer than I wanted to be on the phone, I hung up. These bozos can't even design an effective phone survey, how can they design an airport?

  4. Buttfuck & McDouche are not competent enough to build an airport. They fucked up Bransons little dinky airport and its only 2 years old.

  5. How do WE know they aren't going to use certain funds to build a new airport? I don't trust them to tell me the time of day. Vote NO.

  6. Lets get the damn thing built and done. All this bitching means nothing. Sly is going to get what he wants. You had your chance at the voting booth and you re-elected that ass hole. Now bend over and smile.

  7. If the current residents at 12th and Oak have anything to do with the airport it's guaranteed it will suck.

  8. FACT :
    Can't even begin to tell ya' how many of those type of meeting I've been to in the past several decades that were all smoke & mirrors and bullshit !

    They always present fancy artist drawings that end up NOTHING like what ends up actually being built !

    They leave a lot out too in those illusionary paintings !

    as well as the phony financials of cooked up numbers !!!!


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