Thursday, August 03, 2017

Kansas City Hyatt Skywalk Tribute Disaster

Partly taxpayer funded honors have been an insult after deadly injury according this report that offers historical evidence that Kansas City can't get anything right.


Fox4: Nearly two years after dedication, family upset that Hyatt Skywalk Memorial errors haven’t been fixed

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Anonymous said...

The error was building the damn memorial!

Anonymous said...

It's time too get over it 35 years ago

Anonymous said...

It's wasteful to build and maintain monuments like this. Several scholarships could be awarded each year to architecture or engineer students. A legacy of funds to the deserving, likely future higher tax bracket professionals is a far wiser use of treasure.

Anonymous said...

Just like the crucifixes next to road where a death occurred, in 50 years they will be everywhere.

Cemeteries are memorials not public spaces and roadways. Let the living live.

Anonymous said...

that was a bad disaster but a lot of people got a lot of money that was deserved but if you want these people remembred use some of it to fix and not depend on john doe to fix the spelling and quit crying about it

Anonymous said...


Heres what'll happen ,,,

The memorial gets built and Dedicated.

Then after all the hoopla' and bullshit,,,,,,,,,,

The Memorial gets Vandalized and Severely Damaged like everything else in KCMO Hoodrat'ville, while KCMO Mayor Sly James is still in Office.

Then it gets rebuilt, only to be Damaged & Vandalized Again for the 2nd time.

So, whats the point & effort in even bothering with it, while Commie Liberal Sly James is still in office ????????

Just wait till Mr. Fat Ass Sly is out of office, rather his term is up, he gets recalled, or hopefully gets hit head on by some drunk driver or Sly falls down a MANHOLE all the way to North Korea, or a stray Bullitt strikes Sly all the way from War Torn Conflict, SYRIA, but the chances are slim if any, but, there is still hope :) !!!!

Anonymous said...

Relect a Gorilla