Monday, August 14, 2017

Kansas City Hockey Renaissance?!?!

ESPN considers a the minor league team whilst voters still lament that downtown never got the NHL or NBA team it was promised. Take a look:

Can Chiefs owner help put K.C. back on hockey map?

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Looming in a suburban parking lot just off Interstate 70, some 16 miles east of the gleaming, 10-year-old Sprint Center in Kansas City, is the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena, which serves, for now, as the area's mecca for professional ice hockey.


Anonymous said...

Anything is possible I suppose, just look at how the rubes have taken to minor league soccer in this town.

Anonymous said...

I am far from the biggest hockey fan but the Mavericks are a really good time. Even my two daughters love it and they know nothing about hockey.

Anonymous said...

Would be a hell of a lot more entertaining than watching a bunch of inner city thugs throwing a ball through a hoop.

Anonymous said...

Big $$ for KC -- in StL..the Blues fans flock to their equivalent P&L Center..go to the game in the "Sprint" type arena nearby..and party hard afterward.

KC oughtta be pushing for this one!

Anonymous said...

Can heat it already from all the "Communist Racist ANTIFA" young Thugs !

This is a RACIST venue , look at that Hockey arena, why the damn thing is "WHITE" ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wouldn't be surprised that the Commie Liberal ANTIFA Faggots don't protest that too,,,

too badd they would rather NOT work and be productive like majority of other Americans !!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck hockey. What ever happened to Roller Derby?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Rollar derby went away because homies can't skate.