Friday, August 18, 2017

Kansas City Faith Blogging Against Hate

An insightful post from local faith writer Bill Tammeus on the topic of racial hateration and rising tensions across the nation. Checkit:

Revisiting the disasters in Charlottesville: 8-18-17

With several days of distance between the racist violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Va., and now, it's time to take a new look at what happened there and what it means for people of faith -- especially white Christians --...


Anonymous said...

WOW !!!

All this bullshit talk by all these YOUNG under 30 somethings these days lately , that wasn't to present that much back in 2005 thru 2007

and even further back into the 1980's and 1990's

Definitely seems like some, NOT ALL of the Young Millennial's are caught up in that pathetic RACIST RABBIT HOLE, they've been SUCKED into it to by some,, to push some sorta pathetic "Vortex of an Agenda", that'll eventually get them no where but Deeper into the Rabbit Hole that they'll never climb out of !!!

I see to many young Millennial's falling into that trap when their time could be better spent actually being productive and working earning money, instead of out RIOTING and getting arrested & ending up with some sort of criminal record that will eventually come back to haunt them later in life, and keep them from getting a good paying job to support themselves !!

All this is a pure "DIVERSION" anyway, all this Racism talk by certain members of the Democratic Party , as well as the MSM Media to pump up and Fabricate something badd happening with high hopes they'll be able to send their pathetic reporters out to cover it and get more RATINGS which in turn means more revenue for their FAKE NETWORKS !!

That is their true Agenda !!

Really who wants to turn on NETWORK News and see some reporter talking about Make up techniqies or what style of dress one should wear, or how to style your hair ????????

Imagine seeing that everyday for supposed Network News ??????

So, they have to Fabricate & Create something to hold audience interests, since they wore everybody out on the latest CAR Chase video's along with ride along camera crews with cops , as well as FAKE PHONY Scripted supposed TV Reality shows, which aren't really anything reality at all, as we found out !!!!

So, the Network producers & directors have to come up with something NEW before they lose their viewing audience and money sponsor's ,,

What better thing to start a Bullshit Supposed RACE Fiasco and get the young & Naïve involved in all this hysterical insane bullshit, that we purposely Fabricated just to BOOST their NETWORK Ratings & Profitability !!!

and so far, for now, until the steam runs out it seems to be working, for those NAIVE enough to fall into their FAKE Rabbit Hole that they created just for you to be used as Network PAWNS, just to make them lots of MONEY at everyone elses expense !!

and the Network Executives & Producers are sitting back laughing their Pathetic Asses off , while enjoying a tall glass of Chardonnay and prime rib & Lobster - while some of YOU are laid up in some hospital or possibly sitting in some Jail somewhere !!!

Don't fall down into the Rabbit Hole !!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck religious nuts! If God wanted blacks in charge he would have chosen a black pope. You can bet your ass that is never going to happen in that brotherly lovin' Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:56AM-Don't speak for another generation. They are the future. You are the past. It's not your world anymore.

Anonymous said...

^^^ It's still our world spunky cause we're the ones with the money.

Anonymous said...

^^^Ha ha Ha ha ha. Who are you fooling? You're a busted out chump. You're posting on TKC for God's sake! Do you think anyone with money reads this shit? Now get your ass back to your trailer and shake your fist at those dang ol kids!!!

MDLQ said...

So when is Bill's god going to stop murdering babies inside their mothers?
When is Bill's god going to stop with the birth defects it 'blesses'
babies with just for fun?
......Let's hear it Bill.....

Anonymous said...

So Geezer Hater 2:52, what are you doing on here? We thought you're the billionaire playboy with better things to do.