Monday, August 28, 2017

Kansas City Fair Wage FAIL Redux

A recent editorial inspired by TKC reporting upcoming Labor Day Protest FIRST . . . The newspaper advocate while we simply wonder . . . Will Missouri vote for $12-bucks-an-hour in an upcoming statewide question???

You decide . . .

Editorial: Legislature blocks Kansas City's $10 minimum wage, but the battle continues

For four short days, the minimum wage in Kansas City was $10 per hour. That wasn't even enough time for the extra income to show up in workers' next paychecks. Voters overwhelmingly approved that wage earlier this month, a decision that went into effect on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Cities are not even mentioned in the Constitution and state legislatures have always controlled what areas of responsibility that municipalities can pass ordinances to control.
Minimum wage levels are not among those areas.
In Kansas, cities can't pass earnings taxes. That option simply doesn't exist.
The ongoing notion by the very sad and uninformed KC Star that somehow the legislature "stole" the voters' rights to do what they want just goes to show how low-information the "reporters" actually are.
Even Sly dumped this issue some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, it just doesn't make sense to give raises to those who are minimally educated, minimally skilled and minimally responsible. That was the intention of minimum wage for 15-18 year olds entering the work force but we all know not everyone matures.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Re-vamping and proper enforcement of the vagrancy laws could not only give LE new tools to deal with the violent thugs among us but, heck, the low lives would be so desperate to stay off of the chain gang, down building the wall in Texas, that we could actually see a decline in the minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

Ask your daddy how you get a real paying job. Oh wait! No one will admit being your daddy?

Byron Funkhouser said...

You wanted blacks to be poor & uneducated without any opportunites or hope, & then you bitch when they turn to crime because it pays better than crime.

You won't raise the minimum wage because your racists.

If I were a black man living in Kansas City, I would rob white people for a living.

Byron Funkhouser said...

ahould be "pays better than minimum wage."

typos from typing fast because you retards are so fucking annoying.

Anonymous said...

Byron: "Hey, whitey, I'm blind black Byron, and I am robbing you.

Black guy: "Man, I ain't white. My name's Leroy."

Byron: "Oops. I heard ya walk over to this bus stop, and ya didn't say a word."

Black guy: "So, that's what made ya think I'm white?"

Byron: No, fool. It's because ya didn't try to rob ME!

Anonymous said...

7:37 and 8:59 got it right.

Minimum wage jobs are starting and unskilled positions they aren't for trying to raise 3 kids and buy a house and support your drug habit.

Let alone to buy the latest cell phone on the market.

Get some education and get a skill set bro.