Monday, August 28, 2017


An EPIC blowout is the final nail in the coffin for this season and the last hope for one last run for the World Series that's most gone anyhoo . . . Local fans can either keep holding onto faded glory OR recognize the need for a rebuilding this off-season. Meanwhile, sports newsies keep fans in the dark about the reality that neither Ned Yost nor Dayton Moore were anything but lucky. Checkit:

Zeroed in: Indians romp Royals 12-0 to finish shutout sweep

CLEVELAND - A die-hard fan of mixed-martial arts, Indians catcher Yan Gomes wore a T-shirt following Sunday's game with "Throat Punch" written on the front. The clothing choice was fitting. Cleveland blasted Kansas City with all it had.


Anonymous said...

I have been and will always be a Royals fan. Wish their record was better but it is what it is. Until this team starts playing like a TEAM and not as individuals nothing will change. Sure miss the Royals of 2015.

Public Service Announcement said...

Really paid for all you fools who missed a days pay and jerked your kids out of school to go worships these over paid players in 2015.

So now just sit back because it will be a long time before this team does anything good again. Save your money don't buy those over priced tickets and be able to afford to take your family somewhere nice for vacation instead of giving it to a ball club who could care less if they win as they have showed us this year.

I just saw another suck story by Glazer about the Royals where he as always knows more about ball playing than they do same as he called how the Saturday night fight was going to end. Everyone knew going in how that fight would go. But he has to brag about all the dead people he knew who aren't alive to tell him to STFU.

Here is how I see the Royals ever doing anything good, it has about as much of a chance as Glazer publicly donating 6 figure amounts of money to charity. So in short ball fans it just isn't going to happen.

Anonymous said...

Remember guys, Tony's Mexican. Meaning, he's a Dodger fan. He's on cloud nine right now with his Dodgers. At least until playoff time.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:06AM-Go away. Instead of telling others to STFU, how about you take some of your own advice and STFU???

Anonymous said...

^^ He makes more sense than you do!