Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Kansas City Dowtown P&L District FAIL: Goodbye Gordon Biersch

In fairness, let's not forget that entertainment experiment STAYS LOSING $15-MILLION in City Hall money every year and has yet to create anything but hype and low-rent service industry jobs. Take a look at another transition:

Gordon Biersch Brewery to close its KCP&L location this month

Gordon Biersch will be closing its Kansas City Power and Light District location on Sunday, Aug. 13. The company will continue its businesses in Leawood, Independence, Shoal Creek and future location in Overland Park,according to a statement. KCP&L officials said the restaurant had a "great run" at the location.


Anonymous said...

Celebrate!!!! TKC celebrates the jobs lost with this location closing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like so much of the over-hyped and under-performing exciting developments in downtown KCMO, these folks "had a great run".
They just couldn't do enough business to keep the doors open.
The only thing thing that should surprise is that they didn't go to Sly and the gang and ask the taxpayers to subsidize their business.
They really should have taken a lesson from the grifters at 18th and Vine.
Now there's a gang who really know how to turn cash into thin air!

Anonymous said...

No business ever shut down because it had a great run. They must be drinking their own mule piss.

Diceman said...

I banged a lot a nice whoo-ers that I met there.

Anonymous said...


Their NOT the 1st to leave that P&L District

They won't be the LAST, either !!!

Soon it'll be known as the Ghetto' District !!!

Anonymous said...

Gordon Biersch is a money machine wherever it operates, so downtown Killa City must be some kind of disaster zone.