Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kansas City Dead-Tree Real Estate Done Deal

Here's a note on the fading fortunes of the local daily newspaper as their parent company becomes a penny stock. Checkit:

Sale Of KC Star Building Set To Close

The sale of The Kansas City Star building is expected to be completed Thursday, although the new owner has no immediate plans to redevelop the historic property at 1729 Grand Blvd. "I've worked a little over a year on the transaction so I'm excited to complete the acquisition," says Vince Bryant of 3-D Development.


Anonymous said...


but it's the creative destruction of the capitalist system.

when a company's product is obsolete, it goes out of business.

still sad.

Anonymous said...

If just an average group of the population chosen at large moves into apartments in the building, it will house more actual reporters and journalists than it has in a very long time.
The ghost of William Rockhill Nelson left the building decades ago.
Commercial euthanasia would be kind.

Anonymous said...

No surprise when they are now charging $3.00 for weekend papers and $1.00 a pop for weekday. When you start reading the paper you notice that the same articles were on the internet the day before. Add to that problem the fact that advertising is down, way down. Everybody is on their smart phone or computer. They don't bother reading the ads or the rest of the paper. RIP KC Star.

Anonymous said...

Honest, critical, skeptical journalism is needed now more than ever. What is not needed is bloated salaries for upper level editors, publishers and bean counters, lazy and incompetent circulation executives who make no effort to ensure subscribers actually get their newspapers, and pricey production and real properties that no longer generate revenue, but devour it. There are still great journalists working at the Star. Their names aren't Henneberger, Nelson, etc.