Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Hip-hop hottie Nikki tribute and some of the top ranking Kansas City news stories worth a peek right now . . .


JoCo jail suspends visitations due to 'unforeseen absences'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Jackson County Detention Center temporarily suspended visitations on Tuesday due to "unforeseen absences." In late June, the jail was raided and two correctional officers were arrested as part of an investigation into an alleged bribery scheme at the facility.

Kansas City Gunfire Tonight

Victim in serious condition after shooting on Cleveland Avenue in Kansas City

Police were investigating a shooting that seriously injured a person shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday in the 4100 block of Cleveland Avenue in Kansas City.

Local Campus Carry Conversation

The Rant: Viewers sound off on Kansas gun law

Opponents and supporters of a new Kansas law chimed in on the newest law to take effect in the Sunflower State.

Flood Of Memory

Coach's Bar and Grill owner says flood damage brings back memories of his father's murder

Coach's likely won't re-open for six months to a year.

Big Money Washed Away

Hundreds of gallons on water meter leaves Kansas City couple with questions

If you're tired of water rate increases, don't expect any relief any time soon. Thanks to the city trying to catch up on federal regulations, those will increase for years to come. But what about inaccurate usage? KCTV5 News spoke to customers and the city to find out if you could be getting a wrong reading.

Traffic Fight Tonight

Confronted by an aggressive driver, metro woman hits record as man kicks her door, smashes mirror

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man punched the mirror on a woman's car after she said he veered into her lane on her way to school Tuesday morning. The woman said as the pair pulled up to a Kansas City intersection, the stranger banged on her window, kicked the door, then smashed his fist into the mirror.

Dead-Tree Reports Mobile Phone Hateration

Hotel guest records rant by security guard, who then loses his job

Ahmed Dharani said a security guard discriminated against him at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Kansas City early Tuesday. The Alabama man of Indian descent recorded the encounter on his phone.

The Kansas City Forecast

Wonderful Wednesday ahead, storms possible Thursday

That rain will bring us much cooler temperatures this weekend.

Home Team Reality Check

Bundy pitches a gem in 7-2 win as Orioles take first two games from Royals

It's way too soon to say that the Orioles ' pitching crisis is over, but it appears to have abated at a very opportune time.

Planning For The End Of The World

Where to watch: 2017 solar eclipse in Kansas City, KS

On Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will sweep across the entire nation for the first time in 99 years. Starting from Oregon to South Carolina, 14 states will experience more than two minutes of totality, including the state of Kansas.

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Jim Claxton NKC said...

At least we have the Chiefs season coming up.

Anonymous said...

Saw the video of the security guard. I didn't think black people could be racist? Guess I was wrong.

We're International BITCH! said...

Indian Vs. Somali - Welcome To KC!

Byron Funkhouser said...

10:07, Islamophobia is racism.

Anonymous said...

Asshole Vs. Asshole no matter what their background.


Tony's Dingleberries said...

Did you add an article about the kind of butt hair floss you use?

The WILDMAN said...

^^^ You're up late and thinking about Tony's ass.


Anonymous said...

BYRON, Islam is not a race. Again you are making an ignorant statement.

Why don't you research what Arab Muslims do to Black Muslims in places like the Sudan.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Her Right To Bare Ass

Nikki goes down for the double-pump big guns!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Mr. Dharani, he was not discriminated against. If he ever shows his snotty-assed self-important butt in this town, insults a Desk Clerk and cops an attitude that pisses off someone (not employed by the Hotel) who drags his ratty ass outside and proceeds to kick it around the block, THEN he can claim that he was discriminated against. Someone do us all a favor and find out who this Butthead works for so we can all contact his employer to let them know we are all boycotting every one of their customers/clients because of this asswipes actions. Also, if you have any out of town relatives or friends coming in, ask them to boycott this Hotel makes, they're just as bad as Dharani!

Anonymous said...

How does "Coachs" get all of the free publicity and the rest of the businesses never get mentioned?

Anonymous said...

...and afterwards join the MSNBC after web show where Joe Scarlbourough and his future husband, whats her name, will moon Trump. This will also demonstrate to the viewing public that Scarlbourough's head really will fit up his ass.